5 Life-Changing Secrets To Growing Longer Natural hair

life changing secrets to growing longer hair

“My hair could never be that long!”

“My hair’s too tough to comb!”

“Girls like me don’t grow hair to that length!”

These are just some of the many misconceptions that women of African heritage hold about their hair.

If you’ve ever made any of the above statements then this article was written for you in mind.

That fact is that although many of us have felt as if our hair is incapable of growing beyond shoulder length, this is simply untrue.

The actuality is that with proper care and caution, every one of us can significantly improve our hair’s growth and retain far more length.

Here are 5 life-changing secrets that will help you to drastically transform your hair’s length, strength and overall health.

Secret #1

The way you feel about your hair internally has a direct effect on its external progress.



In essence, this means that the way you feel about your hair, your self-esteem and your hair’s ability to grow has a direct correlation with your hair’s actual chances of growing longer.


Well, think about this. If you believe that your hair is ugly, impossible to look after and difficult to manage, you’re ultimately going to treat your hair as if it the bane of your existence. If however, you have a positive attitude towards your hair, see it as being beautiful and strive to improve it you’ll naturally feel the compulsion to take better care of it. Ultimately, that will mean that you’ll handle your hair with more caution, you’ll treat it better and in doing so, you’ll reduce the damage caused when handling it. Don’t believe me?

Think back to a time when you visited a salon and had your hair treated by someone who didn’t like or understand naturally curly or afro hair. Their disdain for it was evident and so they yanked your hair with a thin-toothed comb and practically ripped your hair out of your head! The way they felt about your hair had a direct correlation with how they treated it and the same applies for when you manage your own hair. Remember, the way you feel about your hair internally has a direct effect on how you treat it!

Secret #2

This secret is an extension of #1. Longer hair comes from great internal and external care. If you want to see your hair grow, start off by reciting positive affirmations to yourself on a daily basis. Examples include things like:  “my hair is beautiful and I love it,” “my hair is getting stronger and longer every second of every day,” and “I love every kink and curl that God has blessed me with.”

By reciting these affirmations you’ll open up your heart and mind to a world of self-acceptance and personal growth. Furthermore, you’ll feel happier about yourself which is always a great thing.

Secret #3

Create your own unique, custom-made hair regimen. There’s a lot of talk these days about hair regimens and it can sometimes feel as if the advice you receive on how to care for your hair is contradictory. That’s why it’s essential that you get into a habit of not only finding products that work for you but also finding a regime that works specifically for your hair type.

Once you’ve come up with your regime, get into a habit of making it a daily ritual to look after your hair. For instance, you could spend 5 minutes each night moisturising your scalp and 5 minutes in the morning spritzing your curls with a home-made hair spray.

Secret #4

Stick with the fundamentals.

Fundamental hair care practices for curly and afro-textured hair include:

  • Washing your hair with a sulphate free shampoo (about  twice a month)
  • Co-washing your hair (using conditioner to wash your hair rather than shampooing it) on a weekly basis
  • Moisturising your hair every day without fail
  • Trimming off unhealthy ends as you see them (also known as dusting your hair)
  • Deep conditioning your hair once per month.

These 5 things are fundamental practices that natural (and even relaxed) haired girls should follow. Rather than getting distracted by the newest hair care craze, focus on making the above 5 things a part of your hair care schedule so that you keep your hair in great condition.

Secret #5

Last but not least, set yourself hair goals. For instance, science tells us that the average person (regardless of ethnicity) grows about 6 inches of hair per year. Therefore, you should aim to give yourself a hair growth goal that is in line with this. The main focus however, should be on setting yourself a goal that is realistic and attainable for your hair type. Also, try not to compare your hair’s growth to someone else’s because quite frankly, your hair is not the same as the next person’s and therefore your hair will grow at a different speed.

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5 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Natural Hair

With Valentine’s Day being just two days away, you might be wondering what on earth you’re going to do with your hair.

Truth be told, it can be a complete pain to come up with a look that works well on your curled tresses and you might also be wondering whether it’s worth straightening it or rocking the biggest afro ever.

Whether you’re heading out to enjoy a night out with the girls, or off on a romantic date with your other half, these 5 hairstyles are sure to make you look and feel sublime.

Take a look and leave a comment below letting us know which of the hairstyles is your fave.

#1 The FrowHawk

Mohawk + kinky, curly hair = the frowhawk.

frowhawk natural hair













#2 The Twistout 

It’s a natural girl’s go-to hairstyle for a reason. Twistouts rock because they’re versatile, easy to do and look amazing.

twist out natural hair












3# Cornrows.

Whilst most of us associate cornrows with having mum plait your hair in Primary School, they can in fact be a great hairstyle for formal and glamorous occasions. Take for instance, Christina Milian who rocked this gorgeous look on the red carpet in November. Just goes to show that they old school hairstyles can be modernised.

cornrows natural hairstyles formal occasions












Source: Getty Images, November 2014.

#4. The Afro.

This picture says it all. The Afro can be a wonderfully glamorous hairstyle if paired with the right makeup

and a chic outfit.

hairstyles formal occasions















#5 The High Bun

The high bun was one of the most worn hairstyles in 2014 for a reason. It’s also brilliant for keeping natural hair protected which means that you get the added benefit of healthier hair alongside a glamorous look.

formal hairstyles natural hair high bun














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My Curls Founder Is Announced As Virgin Media’s Pioneer Of The Week!

We’re pleased to announced that Vicky has been selected by Virgin Media Pioneers as their Pioneer of the Week!

Virgin Media Pioneer of the week victoria olubi




virgin media pioneer of the week vicky olubivirgin media pioneer of the week victoria olubi

VirginMediaPioneers.com is an incredible online community of enterprising people who use videos and blogging to share their ideas and experiences.

The Virgin Media Pioneers Programme is an initiative of Virgin Media and words closely with Virgin Unite.

You can read the full interview with Vicky here http://www.virginmediapioneers.com/2015/01/pioneer-of-the-week-vicky-olubi-of-my-curls/



Will dyeing my hair cause it to break?

Sometimes as a naturalista, you might feel as if your hair could do with a bit of a change. For some people change can come in the form of straightening their hair for a few days, adding clip-ins or wearing a weave. However, if you’ve been thinking about dyeing your hair and you’re unsure whether it will cause your hair to break, consider these things.

dyeing afro hair

Hair dye can cause damage to your hair if your hair is already suffering from some form of damage. That includes breakage, excess shedding or scalp dryness.

To reduce the chances of your hair breaking when it has been dyed, it’s best to only dye your hair if it is in optimal condition prior. If you’ve noticed that your hair shows any signs of damage whatsoever, then don’t dye it. Simply wait until it’s in a better condition before going ahead.

Another thing to bear in mind is that semi-permanent dyes (which last for about 5-7 washes) are a better alternative if you’re simply looking to add colour to your hair or you want a quick change of style or a new look. permanent dyes aren’t necessarily damage-free but they are less strenuous on your hair.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid breakage when dyeing your hair, make sure that you keep your hair very well conditioned and moisturised after colouring it. Hair dyes are notorious for causing dryness which in turn leads to thinning and breakage and it’s for this reason that so many women experience signs of damage after dyeing their hair. To keep your newly coloured hair in great condition, deep condition it at least once a month and co-wash (which means washing your hair with conditioner only) on a weekly basis.

Be sure to trim any damaged ends and moisturise your hair like there’s no tomorrow! Seriously, moisturising can literally make or break your hair’s health. I can’t stress the importance of moisturising it.

If you’re unsure about how to moisturise, do the following:

  1. Co-wash your hair once a week
  2. Apply a silicone-free, moisturising hair lotion to it twice a day
  3. Follow with a good, natural oil like jojoba or olive oil
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 twice a day. Try moisturising once in the morning and once at night.

Keeping your hair in good condition after it has been coloured isn’t impossible. You just need to be more mindful of your hair’s health and fragility and moisturise on a regular basis.

Breaking down? Overcome heartache with a simple mindset shift

Back in October, I wrote my first article for The Huffington Post.

Writing for Huffington was one of my biggest goals of 2014 and I was so happy when THE Arianna Huffington gave me the opportunity to become a blog contributor.

I wanted my article to be heartfelt because I often find that when I write from the heart, I create my best pieces of work (I guess that’s only natural, right?).

And so, I wrote about a real life situation (which you can read about here) and in the article I share a pearl of wisdom that might just transform how you handle difficult situations and dark times.

Click here to read the article in full and discover what that one simple but highly effective mindset shift is.

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Can box braids damage your hair?

Like many naturals, I adore box braids and have kept my hair in braids to protect it from the cold winter weather.

Whilst braids can be a great protective style, they can also cause damage to your hair.

For instance, keeping your hair in braids for several months at a time can cause your hair to become extremely dry, brittle and prone to breakage.box braids natural hair

Here are 3 ways to prevent your hair from suffering from such damage.

1. Keeping braids in for too long.

Braids should be kept in for no more than 6-7 weeks at a time. Furthermore, if your hair is in braids, you should re-do the outer part of your hair (the part that’s closes to your edges) once every 2 weeks so that you can minimise damage. The reason for focusing on the outer part of your hair is that the hairs in this area are more fragile and are more susceptible to traction alopecia and other forms of damage. To keep your hair protected, re-do your braids at least once every 2 weeks and avoid keeping your hair in braids for a period of more than 7 weeks.

2. Not washing your braids.

Just because your hair is in braids, that doesn’t mean that it does not need to be washed. In fact, not washing your hair causes dirt and bacteria to build up which results in build up that’s so severe that it can only be removed by cutting your hair. Most naturals will have noticed that when you take out your braids there’s often white clumps of dirt in your hair- this sort of dirt is difficult to remove and if left in for long, will need to be cut out. It’s therefore of central importance that you wash your braids regularly. You can do this using a sulphate and silicone free shampoo and shampooing your scalp and braids once every 2 weeks (or once a week preferably). If you’re unable to shampoo your hair, you can consider using dry shampoos or simply using a washcloth and some water with a small amount of shampoo to scrub your scalp.

3. Forgetting the fact that your real hair is underneath.

There are tons of braided hairstyles to choose from nowadays and in some ways this is a great thing because it gives naturals more choice. However, some hairstyles (like pick and drop braids) are damaging to naturals who have medium-long hair. When having your braids done, make sure your stylist (or whoever is doing your hair) is clear on your goals. Tell them that you want to keep your real hair protected and that you are not willing to risk the healthy and length of your real hair just for the sake of having your hair braided.

Always remember that your real hair comes first and it should therefore be protected and cared for.

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Founder, MyCurls.co.uk.


How to keep your hair protected during the winter

It’s common knowledge that winter weather can wreak havoc on natural hair. It’s therefore crucial that in these very cold months, you keep your hair protected and cared for.natural hair protection


As a busy woman who’s preoccupied with your career, life and family, it’s important that you find ways to make protecting your hair as easy and effortless as possible.

So how can you do this?


One onatural hair protectionf our favourite ways to care for your hair during the winter months is to simply wrap it up by keeping it as covered as possible.

natural hair protection




You can do this by playing with scarves, head-ties, hats and headbands.


What’s great about using accessories to protect your hair is that not only does your hair stay in top notch condition, it also keeps you warm and who doesn’t want to be warm during when it’s freezing outside?


natural hair protection

What’s your favourite hair accessory for the winter season?


Leave a comment below sharing it with us.


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Natural Hair Care: How To Get Amazing Curl Definition

curl definition

How to get great curl definition

How do you get my curls to be really defined?

This is one of the most common questions that I get asked about caring for naturally curly/unrelaxed hair.

Here are 3 ways to get amazing curl definition.

And don’t worry, you won’t need to spend hours on your hair to get really defined curls.

Step 1

Keep your hair clean through conditioning (co-washing) and not through excessive shampooing.

Over shampooing dries out naturally curly hair and therefore it’s best to shampoo your hair approximately once every 2 weeks or once a week at most.

Instead of shampooing all the time, wash your hair with a silicone free conditioner that does not contain parabens or synthetic oils. A great conditioner will transform your hair so it’s therefore best to be selective about which conditioner you use and don’t be afraid to do these two things:

Sometimes people think that the cheapest conditioner is the best but that isn’t always the case. It’s therefore wise to spend more money on a conditioner that is filled with high quality ingredients and is therefore slightly higher in price. I always tell customers that an investment in good hair products is an investment in the health of your hair. Think about it, what’s your hair worth?

Step 2

Play around with twist-outs and braid-outs.

These hair styles can give you incredible curl definition and they work on almost any hair texture. One thing I like to do is to braid or twist my hair at night and then unravel in the morning. That way, I end up with gorgeous curls almost every day. Plus, creating twist-outs and braid-outs isn’t time consuming. Try it!

Step 3

Keep your hair super moisturised.

Curly and afro hair are the driest hair types and that means that our hair needs to be moisturised a lot. To get gorgeously soft and well-defined hair, moisturise once in the morning and once at night. If your hair is wavy or only slightly curly then only moisturise once in the day. As a rule of thumb: the curlier your hair, the more moisture it needs.

Follow these three steps and your hair should be more defined, softer and shinier.

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Music Inspiration For Curly Girls

Do you ever have those days where you’re feeling down about your height, weight, skin or your natural hair?

We all do. Even the most confident of naturalistas has a day or two where they feel a little less confident or a little less pretty.

I’ll admit that the other day, I had one of those days and I felt awful for it.

But then I heard a song that made me feel a little more beautiful and a whole lot more fierce.

That song was All About The Bass by Meghan Trainor. I am in love with this song and I think that the lyrics are fantastic!

If you haven’t heard it yet, have a listen below.

After hearing Meghan’s song, I realised that it would be great to share some of my favourite confidence boosting songs with you.

Listen to them below and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you love most about yourself.

TLC’s Unpretty.

Destiny’s Child’s Bootylicious

The Top Six Hair Tips And Tricks That Actually Work

The Top Six Hair Tips And Tricks That Actually Work

From family friends to hairstylists, you may have heard some advice about your strands that doesn’t seem quite right. Well, now you can try these seven tips and tricks that actually work.



Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Unless your hair is incredibly oily, you really do not need to wash it every day. In fact, using shampoo on your hair every day can strip it of natural oils. Once you start with this new hair-washing routine, you might start to notice that your hair feels softer. You may wish to consider conditioning your strands each day still. Talk to your stylist about what is best for your locks.

Use Lotion to Tame Frizz

When your strands are filled with frizz, you’ve probably tried numerous ways to bid it adieu. The next time your hair is misbehaving, run some body lotion or hand lotion over your hair. Generally, you want to avoid doing this near your scalp so that your hair doesn’t look greasy, but it can tame frizz elsewhere. Make sure it is already rubbed in your hands so a minimal amount gets on your hair. A little goes a long way with this method.

Low Ponytail to Reduce Frizz

Perhaps you can’t imagine a hairstyle made for sports and quiet nights at home as being one of your biggest styling tools. After you get out of the shower and once your hair is brushed, put it into a low ponytail. This trick can help to get rid of frizz and flyaways so that you have beautiful hair when you take it out.

Don’t Brush Your Hair

As unusual as it sounds, you should try not brushing your hair, particularly if you have curly strands. When you brush curly hair, you are often bringing frizz to the surface and ruining the natural definition of your locks. Use a wide-toothed comb to go through knots and detangle your hair instead.

Go Natural

Wearing your hair as it is might sound like your biggest nightmare, but it can actually turn out to be the best decision that you ever made. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your natural hair color and texture. Throw in a little gel or hair spray if you need to, and you’ll have a sassy style that displays your true personality.

Turn off the Heat

Even if you want to use some products to style your hair and get a certain look, you don’t always need to use heat to do so. Straighteners, curling irons and blowdryers are great for those big nights out, but constantly putting too much heat on your hair can really damage it in the long run.


Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box a little bit and try some ideas that might have previously sounded strange when it comes to your hair.

This is a guest post written by writing expert Anita Ginsburg.Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about fashion, health, beauty and family. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. When it comes to her hair, she personally recommends  remy hair extensions to add length and keep your hair looking healthy.

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Trimming Natural Hair: How To Trim Your Hair With Ease

Trimming or cutting your natural hair can be daunting especially if you’ve typically relied on hairstylists to do it for you.

trimming natural hair

Despite seeming like a nerve-wrecking thing, trimming your curls is actually not that difficult to do if you follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Always trim/cut with a professional hair scissors. Never scrimp by cutting your hair with a household scissors that just happens to be lying around. If you do that, your hair might potentially become more damaged!

2. To get the best results from trimming always hold the tips of your hair towards the light so that you can clearly see split ends and single strand knots. Sometimes, knots and splits have a way of disappearing or seeming difficult to find. By holding your ends up to the light you’ll be able to see damaged hair far more quickly.

3. Get used to ‘dusting.’ What’s that? It refers to the process of only trimming the unhealthy and damaged parts of your hair and not the rest of it. For example, traditionally, stylists and hair professionals have encouraged us mere amateurs to trim our hair in sections. Whilst this is great if you want your hair to be more even in length, it has the unfortunate downside of causing you to lose both your healthy and unhealthy hair. If you’re looking to retain as much length as possible, only trim off the unhealthy ends rather than trimming your hair in sections. This process is called dusting.

Now it’s over to you: do you have a secret or special method for finding dodgy strands and snipping them? Leave a comment below telling us what you do to keep knots and splits at bay.

PS. if you’re looking to get shinier curls this summer, check out our range at MyCurls.co.uk.

Till next time,

Victoria xo

Founder, MyCurls.

How to Create a Night-time Hair Routine for Your Curly Hair

curly hair routine night time
Having a curly hair is normally likely to become dry. Hence, the most significant thing is to always keep your hair moisturized. These days, there are a variety of kinds of curly hair products available on the market in order to make your hair look wonderful even during nighttime or before you sleep. Natural creams that are oil-based and lotions are excellent for ringlets and tresses, which offer the care this demanding kind requires to be shiny and smooth.


The primary thing you need to do is to learn what curl types you have. Soft, big waves require different type of treatment contrary to unmanageable, frizzy, kinky curls. Wavy locks have a tendency to be soft and thin, sensitive and fine, hence women need several types of products in order to keep their hair beautiful and beautiful. With utmost care, women will have s-shaped, soft and beautiful waves.
For women who have extremely frizzed, dry ringlets, you possibly require extremely mild shampoo and conditioner.

You need to ensure that you make use of it carefully and only in small amounts.  You need to generously apply the conditioner, comb it gently and leave it for 10 minutes prior to rinsing and before going to bed.
Having a good haircut is one of the important things in having a curly hair. For actually natural, shiny, beautiful styling, you need to invest in alcohol-free, natural moisturizing products. A big, round brush is certainly a must-have in order to get smooth results. Lotions, gels, creams, and mousses are excellent curly hair products as well provided that they are from protective, nutritive and natural ingredients.

Overall, in order to have a silky smooth curly hair prior to going to sleep, you need to ensure that your curly hair products are made from natural ingredients that will not damage your hair!

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The Makeup Tutorial Women Should Watch Before They Leave The House


Love this rather unique makeup tutorial!

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

This girl is awesome, and I wish there were more women out there like her — we could all use this message from time to time. (And yes, I try not too put too much optimism on my eyes, either.) [tc-mark]

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Natural Hair Rules: 7 Commandments Every Curly Girl Needs To Follow

natural hair rules

Ever catch yourself look at girls with enviable poker straight hair and wonder what a ball of fuzz your curly hair is? Fret not! Hereís a detailed guide on how to unlock those dread locks and transform into a goddess with a curly and bouncy gorgeous mane and ingredients to use to pamper your lustrous locks.

Oiling your hair before washing it has proved to be a great conditioner. Curly hair responds very well to jojoba and olive oil.

Deep conditioning always helps cases of unmanageable frizzy hair. In emergency situations, when you have to head out for a hot date or that fancy evening soiree, the best thing to do to control your curly hair would be deep conditioning. Find a protein conditioner that suits you and apply a dime size dollop into your hands and massage into your scalp. This keeps it soft and shiny for the rest of the day and also adds an extra texture to your mane. Natural conditioners like shea butter are very safe to use.

Most curly haired girls are conscious about their texture and often resort to styling methods to straighten out their hair and hide that uneven curly and wavy texture. These methods involve heating tools such as flat irons and clampers. You might want to ditch them as heating your curly hair will only make it weak from the roots and brittle in texture, thereby making your hair look like a frizzy mess.

In a hot weather, it is best to use mild shampoos and not ones that have strong chemicals that damage your hair. In case of too much humidity, when you sweat and you feel like washing your hair every day after a long day at work, use baby shampoo. The strong chemicals in regular shampoo makes curly hair all the more difficult to maintain stripping it from its natural oils from the scalp and with an extra frizz added to your hair. Using a mild shampoo for everyday use or in cases when you want to wash your hair more than the regular thrice a week regime, will make it soft and moisturized.

Split with the dead ends. Going to a hair salon and getting a short trim and cutting your split ends will enable your curly hair to grow stronger and make it look luscious and bouncy rather than rough and erratic.

Always use a wide toothed comb. This is not the eighties. You do not want an afro on your head and you know you have to detangle your hair ASAP! But how will you, with your hair getting stuck in those tiny bristles of that comb? So unless you want to indulge in an arm wrestle by yanking your brush out of your hair, detangle your hair with your fingers and a wide toothed comb and use this comb every day to brush your hair.

Applying salon products like hair serums and hair mousse while proving to be helpful could be very tricky to use. You do not want your hair dripping with greasiness for someone to be able soak it with a paper towel. Use hair products with great care and always scrunch them into your curls. Do not layer it all over your hair into a greasy lump. Honey with a tea spoon of milk gives a nice bounce just like a hair product would

And last but not the least, love yourself including those curls. Being confident is the best gift you could give your hair and yourself. You are unique and beautiful that way. Stay gorgeous.

Natural Hair Treatments: 4 Natural Ingredients Afro Hair Loves.

curly hair craves

Do you envy girls who hop out of the shower with silky straight hair while you remain tangled in your curly labyrinths?

Then, youíd be surprised to know that if you have curls like ringlets, you own one of the most enviable crown of heads.

Those girls you envy spend hours to get what you have been naturally gifted. So, instead of fighting those curls, work with them and make them stunning.

If you start adoring your hair and follow four simple tips provided herein, curly hair can make you look like a goddess every day.

Natural Oils
Oils are curly hairís best friend and although itís tempting to ditch the traditional regimen of oiling, nothing soothes your hair more than this session of a few minutes. Sometimes curlies have difficulty finding oils that don’t give their hair the appearance of being dunked in a grease fryer. Certain oils mentioned here would help you combat the havoc:

  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – What it does is that it penetrates hair shaft; this is why it provides moisture.
  • Grapeseed Oil – What it does is that it protects your hair temperature. You can also use it to fight dandruff.
  • Sweet Almond Oil seals in moisture and soothes the hair shaft, which is an addition to highly porous hair.
  • Jojoba Oil – It balances the production of scalp’s sebum.

Although olive oil and castor oil are heavy oils that are popular in the naturally curly hair community, these highly beneficial light oils can also be used for healthy hair.
Moisturize and Condition
Curly hair requires regular moisturising so that they do not break or frizz with dryness. The most important requirement is to find the right product that suites your hair. A shampoo that would suite one set of curly hair may not suite the other. Also, conditioning is a must after every shampoo.
Another significant treatment is to maintain the protein balance of your curls. A protein treatment has different protein properties that attach directly to the hair follicle and harden the cuticle layer. This places a barrier around the follicle, which protects it from further damage. There are four types of protein conditioner treatments: protein packs, re-constructors, deep penetrating treatments, and light protein treatments. The hair’s current condition will decide the type of protein conditioner needed for treatment. Use a re-constructor for severely damaged hair. For moderately damaged hair, use a deep penetrating treatment. For slight damage and routine treatments, use protein packs or light treatments. There are a lot of products in the market but only trustworthy ones should be used.
Heat Free Styling
Heat Styling Tools such as Flat Irons or Curling Irons do nothing but damage your locks and, turn your hair into a dry, brittle, unhealthy mess since you are basically frying your hair when using them. So the first thing you should do is get your split ends cut off, you can get this done at your local hair stylist of even do it yourself if you dare. As a curly haired girl, hopefully you already know that unless it’s Halloween and you’re in need of an afro, you should avoid blow drying or brushing your hair because it will just go Poof! To save the embarrassment, you can use styling products such as serums and gels and work them gently with your fingers.

Love is always reciprocated. When you love your hair and follow the above four simple techniques, they love you back by giving hassle free good and gorgeous hair days.

If your curls are in need of some TLC, head over to our online store to find a product that your tresses will love.

Hair Problems: 4 Everyday Things That Can Wreck Your Hair

hair damage

Hair – a social standing, these days it means so much to people irrespective of their age, ethnicity or gender. Broadly speaking, your hair is a representation of your identity and a reflection of who you are. It’s unfortunate therefore that when you start to unknowingly wreck your hair, your identity also begins to change. And as such hair loss poses to be a serious and depressive problem to all of us. Maintaining locks of thick, shiny and healthy tresses these days, has turned out to be a true challenge and a difficult errand.

Irrespective of your age and sex, hair damage continues to be a persistent problem. And going back to take a look at the causes, they are numerous. As per the medical research, typically, a person sheds 60-120 hairs/ day that are subsequently replaced by the same amount, of the same texture, size and thickness in due course of time thus maintaining the density of hair growth. Medically termed as “alopecia,” listed below are some of the common causes of hair loss:

The food  you eat - Hair problems can be related to lack of proteins, vitamins, and other essential macronutrients. To significantly reduce your chances of experiencing hair loss (of any kind), make sure that you include protein-rich food in your diet . This will not only help with maintain your body’s health but your hair’s as well.

Frequent chemical treatments and regular usage of blow dryers and hair straighteners are  known to damage the hair follicles. You may not realize the effects of these ìartificial therapiesî immediately, but over time youíll start losing hair gradually. So best is, avoid using these appliances, harsh dyes and chemicals, and keep them up the shelves only for those special dates.

Stress – Life without stress and strain is quite unfeasible. And perhaps this is the main culprit leading to such rapid hair problems. Yes! Listed as one of the major factors, stress and tensions play a major role in hair thinning.

Daily use of harsh shampoos and exposure to pollution – Fungal infections in your scalp may as well be listed as another primary causes behind your 0-size hair. Although it is something that is more commonly found in children yet, these days, people are more prone to fungal infections on their scalps courtesy, pollution, harsh shampoos and most importantly the chemical therapies.

To have the healthiest, shiniest and longest hair possible, make sure you eat a high protein and nutrient filled diet, reduce the amount of stress that you’re experiencing, opt for gentle shampoos and avoid both frequent chemical hair treatments and the use of excessive heat.

This is a guest post by hair extensions expert, Suzi Dunn. Suzi is the founder and CEO of Totally Essex Hair Extensions.

Hot Hair Fixes: 4 Quick Ways To Cure Damaged Hair

quick hair fixes

As we nearer further and further into the summer, many of us experience damaged hair. Hair damage can take various forms including split ends, single strand knots, hair thinning, frizz and even traction alopecia.

Hair damage can also be particularly frustrating for those of us with curly, kinky and afro textured hair because our hair is dryer and therefore tends to be more prone to breakage.

However, most types of hair damage can be cured. Here are 4 of the best ways to cure your damaged curls.

Use the best conditioner for your hair type and texture. You know your hair best and you therefore know what products on your hair. In order to find the best conditioner you do have to experiment a little by testing different products on your hair. Once you find a great conditioner that really nourishes your hair, hold onto it and make it your go-to co-washing product.

Focus on protection. If you have split ends, lots of single strand knots or hair breakage then there’s a possibility that you’ve been over-manipulating your hair. To reverse the damage done it’s best to keep your hair protected. That might mean parting with your favourite hairstyles (like braids or weaves) and instead, focus on wearing your hair in simple styles that elevate the hair away from the shoulders. Good options for protective styling are ponytails, high buns and twists. Wear your hair in protective styles until it’s in better condition.

Don’t towel dry your hair.  Towels and curly/afro hair don’t mix. If you need to dry your hair use a cotton t-shirt because it’s softer, reduces frizz levels and won’t cause your hair to rip or tear. Put simply, cotton t-shirts are amazing for drying natural hair.

 Get your hair back to tip top shape. The best way to do this is to make sure you are deep conditioning your hair at least once every 2 weeks until your hair is restored to good health. Make sure you use a good deep conditioning treatment or hair mask that contains natural ingredients, is silicone free and contains good proteins.

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Natural Hair Role Model: Lupita Nyong’o

lupita blog post Within the space of a few months, Lupita Nyong’o has quickly become one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood.


Well, she’s undeniably stunning, super smart and exceptionally talented.

However, what I admire most about Lupita is despite living in a world that celebrates a very narrow and one-dimensional perception of beauty, Lupita has managed to effortlessly show that beauty is as diverse and fluid as the earth itself.

Beauty is not one colour, one complexion, one hair type or one skin tone.

Beauty is not one-sized or one dimensional. Beauty is not narrow, fragile or fearful.

Beauty is colourful, florescent, natural and graceful.

Beauty is vibrant, energetic, charming and brave.

These are EXACTLY the qualities that Lupita embodies and I am so glad to see that because of her, Hollywood (and the wider world at large) is starting to recognise the range of beauty that exists in the world.

After seeing Lupita grace the red carpet multiple times earlier this year I was stunned. However, when I heard her give this speech (below) my admiration for her grew ten fold.

Watch the video below and leave a comment that shares one thing you learnt from her speech.

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3 Spring Hairstyle Ideas For 2014 and Beyond

I don’t know about you but here in London the Spring whether it usually pretty glum.

That means that wearing your curls out or sporting a ‘fro isn’t such a great idea and it’s usually best to cover your curls in a hat.

However, it is possible to look chic and glam regardless of how good or bad the weather is.

Here are 3 spring hairstyle ideas that will keep your hair looking fab for weeks to come!

#1 The Milkmaid Braid

milkmaid braid salma  milkmaid braid

Simple, chic and versatile. This hairstyle is bound to get heads turning whilst also allowing you to have low maintenance hair for several days. It’s also a brilliant option if you’re thinking about keeping your hair in a protective style.

#2 The Side Part

side part hairstyles side part hairstyles

Side partings add extra ‘umph’ to your hair without taking much time to create. To make creating side partings easy, simply start with damp hair, apply a coin sized amount of oil to the palm of your hands, massage into your hair and scalp and then take a long tail comb and create the parting. It takes just a few minutes and looks great!

#3 The Low Ponytail

low ponytail natural hair low ponytail natural hair Garcelle+Beauvais+Long+Hairstyles+Ponytail+tKfa05AmdAtl

According to Elle.com, the super sleek low ponytail is back this spring.

What’s great about the low ponytail is that it’s perfect for medium and longer lengthed hair. However, girls with shorter hair can still achieve the look by using hair extensions or a clip-on ponytail.

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How To Look After A TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

Whilst there’s a lot of talk in the natural hair community about growing long hair, many women aspire to have beautiful short kinks and curls.

Reasons for choosing a shorter do can vary. Some women love the convenience and versatility that short hair brings whilst others rock a short hairstyle whilst transitioning from relaxed to natural.

Opting for a shorter hairstyle is also ideal for women who are busy, pressed for time or just simply look better with shorter hair.

How do you maintain short natural hair? How do you style it? What do you do to keep your kinks or curls in great condition?

Here are some tips to help you to nurture your gorgeous afro.

#1. Keep it nourished.

Natural afro hair needs moisture- lots of it! And just because your hair is sure that doesn’t mean that you can get away with not moisturising it. To keep it in great condition, apply a natural hair lotion and oil (such as coconut, olive or jojoba oil) to it daily. If you neglect to moisturise it you’ll be faced with super dry hair that is brittle, fragile and will eventually break. Moisturise is a natural girl’s BFF. Don’t forget that.

how to maintain a TWA teeny weeny afro #2. Spritz it.

In a rush to work? Pressed for time? We’ve all been in those situations where our hair was the last thing on our minds because we quite simply had a lot of on our plate.

However, it’s no excuse to not take care of your hair. One way to keep your curls in impeccable condition (even if you’re time short) is to grab a spray bottle, apply a mixture of water, conditioner and your favourite oils and then spray it on your hair each day. Spritzing your hair is a fantastic way to ensure that it looks great and stays in top notch shape.

#3. Accessorise.

From pins to bows to flowers and headbands, there are so many accessories that you can use to add some pizzazz to your hair. What I love most about hair accessories is that they allow you to look girly and dolled up even if you’ve put little to no effort into styling your hair. They give you that ‘quick styled look’ in seconds. How great is that? Accessories are also really affordable and you can find some wonderful items on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

#4. Style it up.

Whilst pins, bows and flowers are great, there are other options for styling your TWA. You could add a side-part or have your stylist cut/shape your hair into a particular style. Another way to style your TWA is to play around with hats and scarves which can give you a variety of new looks.

#5. Co-wash your curls. Co-washing (which simply means washing your hair with conditioner rather than with shampoo) should ideally be done once a week or once every two weeks. Co-washing is great because it ensures that your hair is clean without stripping it of it’s natural oils (like shampoo often does). To get the best results, co-wash your hair with a silicone free conditioner that contains ingredients like coconut oil as this will help with adding moisture and will keep your hair is excellent condition.

Finally, remember to be confident with your hair no matter what it’s length, shape or texture. Confidence is beautiful! For more hair care tips, join our curly community. Have a fab day.

Victoria. Founder, My Curls.

7 Protective Hairstyle Ideas For Natural Hair

Hey Curlettes!

Have you ever been stuck for ideas on how to style your hair? I know I have and it’s not fun.

The truth is that styling your curls should be a breeze and it shouldn’t take forever to think of hairstyle ideas that will work for you.

Take a look at the hairstyle ideas below and leave a comment below telling me what your favourite style is.

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7 protective hairstyle ideas for natural hair

Have a fab day!

Victoria :)

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How Do I Get My Curls Back? 3 Steps To Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural

A while ago, I received a message from an aspiring naturalista who was stuck with a problem.

Question: ‘I relaxed my hair five weeks ago but now I miss my curls! Is there a way to get them back?’

how to transition to natural

For those of us who’ve been natural for a while, it’s easy to forget that going natural is a process. It’s nothing short of a journey that involves learning a lot about black hair and then applying that knowledge into our daily hair regimens. However, for women who have relaxed hair, it can often seem as if it’s easy to go natural and that it can happen over night. That’s not true.

Now to answer this lady’s question. If you relaxed your hair less than two months ago there will be no easy way to go natural. The simplest option is to cut off your relaxed hair and rock a TWA (teeny weeny afro).

However, before doing that, I strongly recommend that you take some time to really figure out if going natural is for you.

Answer these 3 questions:

  1. Do you know how to maintain natural hair or are you willing to learn about natural hair maintainaence?
  2. Are you committed to going natural or do you just want a bit of a hairstyle change? If you just want to switch hairstyles up, I recommend trying a natural wig or weave so that you can get the natural look without going natural straight away. Doing so will allow you to figure out whether natural hair is really for you.
  3. Are you self-conscious about your hair? Natural girls often have to be confident about their hair because natural hair isn’t the norm in most places. Furthermore, no matter how you rock your hair, it’s important to be confident any way.

If after answering these questions you decide that you still want to go natural, go for it!

Start off by doing some research on natural hairstyles, natural hair maintenance and find some natural hair quotes to give you inspiration.

Then consider either cutting off your relaxed ends or growing out your natural hair until you’re ready to cut the ends off at a later date.

Throughout the transitioning journey keep your hair really conditioned and moisturised so that it is in the best possible condition.

Transitioning can be a complex process but if you follow the above advice you should be in good stead to do it with ease.

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Now, in the comments below tell me how you transitioned to natural. What was it like? Did you enjoy it? What did you learn about yourself while transitioning?

Natural Hair Tips: How To Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Over the past week or so I’ve been busy in the My Curls kitchen whipping together some sweet-smelling hair recipes. I’ll be sharing a few of the things I’ve come up with in an upcoming newsletter so make sure you’ve signed up so you don’t miss out! Click here to sign up (it’s free!)

Since frizz is one of the hottest topics amongst our Curlettes (that’s the name of our amazing community of curly customers and VIP newsletter subscribers), I thought it would be a great idea to create a cute but highly effective graphic on how to get rid of frizz.


How to get rid of frizzy hair

How to get rid of frizzy hair


Take a look at the picture and if you learnt something new from it, leave a comment sharing it below.

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How To Care For Thinning Hair

Have you ever felt self-conscious because your hair was thinning?

Have you had to cover it up with scarves and hats to hide thin spots or worried that it was excessively breaking?

Don’t fret because you’re not alone.

Women (and men) of all hair textures and ethnicities experience hair thinning at some point or another.

In fact statistics show that more than 21 million women in the USA alone experience hair thinning at some point.

How can you prevent or reduce thinning hair?

Here are some steps to take:

1. Ditch tight weaves and tight braids. Many women make the mistake of sacrificing their real hair’s health for the fun of wearing a glamorous looking weave or thin braids.

The truth of the matter is that many women fail to keep an eye on how tight their extensions are and as a result they experience traction alopecia (a severe form of hair breakage) because the hair has been pulled too tightly.

If you want a headful of luscious natural hair, avoid getting your hair styled too tightly and tell your hair stylist to be cautious with your hair.

Always remember that your hair is fragile and should be handled with care.

2. Don’t comb excessively. There’s an ancient Greek adage that says ‘nothing in excess.’ That definitely rings true when it comes to your hair.

Combing or brushing your hair excessively or harshly causes it to break, tear and snap. Be careful with how often you comb your hair and try to finger comb instead of always combing it with a brush or comb.

3. Be health conscious. Believe it or not, your diet plays a crucial role in your hair’s condition. If your health isn’t in check, it will often reflect in your hair’s condition.

Firstly, if you experience persistent hair thinning, go to the doctor and get checked out. It could for instance be a sign of an under active thyroid.

If however, you’re experiencing thinning hair despite the fact that you have no medical problems, you might want to pay closer attention to your diet by upping your vegetable, fruit and water intake.

Also, if you haven’t been working out, get moving! Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and don’t forget that doing things like walking up a flight of stairs, jogging in your living room and dancing all add up.

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Q&A: How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair?

One of my blog readers, Sandra, emailed me with a question regarding how often should she wash her natural hair.

how to wash natural hair

Firstly, can I just say that this is a brilliant question.

Within the black community it has traditionally been believed that washing black hair can be damaging because over-shampooing strips curly/afro hair of moisture.

As a result, many black and mixed race women have grown up with the belief that it is bad to wash their curls too often.

Whilst, there is a lot of truth to this assertion, it’s important to pay attention to a few things.

#1. We need to clarify what is meant by ‘washing.’

If you plan on shampooing your afro or curly hair every day, you will most likely over-cleanse your hair and that will ultimately result in dryness which in turn leads to breakage.

Curly and afro hair chicks should therefore not shampoo their hair every day.

That leads me to my next point.

#2. Shampooing daily is bad but rinsing your hair daily is good! In fact it’s great! Natural hair loves water and it is therefore a brilliant idea to apply warm water to your hair on a regular basis.  Why do you think that almost all hair products contain water as the first or second ingredient? It’s because water is one of the best natural moisturisers for natural hair. If your hair is tightly-coiled, kinky textured or prone to tangles and knots, it’s recommended that you apply water and oil to your hair on a daily (or very frequent) basis.

In other words, replace daily shampooing with daily rinsing and your hair will look amazing!

#3. Co-washing. If you’ve never heard of the term co-washing before it simply refers to washing your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. It sounds a little strange but millions of naturals swear by it.

Co-washing allows natural girls to cleanse their hair without over-cleaning it. Furthermore, it’s effective because most conditioners will not strip your hair of its natural oils unlike shampoos.

Whilst co-washing sounds like a curly girl’s dream solution to preventing over-shampooing and dryness, it can have it’s downsides.

For one thing, over co-washing or co-washing too often can lead to product build up. Product build up simply refers to when your hair is weighed down by so much product which causes your hair to be sticky, gooey and a dry, crazy mess. Product build up is incredibly common in women who co-wash too often.

So if over co-washing is bad and over-shampooing causes dryness, what can a natural haired girl do instead?

Here are some tips to help you.

#1 Shampoo your hair once a week at most. Ideally, you should shampoo your hair once every 2-3 weeks and use a sulphate free shampoo that contains healthy natural oils. Our Cleansing Cream Shampoo does just that.

#2 Co-wash your natural hair once every 2-3 days at most. Ideally you should co-wash once a week. Like I said above, over co-washing can cause build up so try to do it once a week rather than daily.

#3 Rinse or wet your hair daily. Some naturalistas prefer to rinse their hair in the shower and that’s perfectly fine. However, if that option isn’t for you simply get a spay bottle and fill it with water. Spritz as much as you need onto your hair and you’ll get the benefits of rinsing in a very time efficient way.

Now it’s your turn. In the comments below tell me what was your biggest takeaway from reading this post? Will you co-wash less or more often? Or, are you excited to be rinsing your hair daily? I’d love to hear from you.

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Hair Food: 3 Delicious Foods Your Hair Will Love

Did you know that our hair loves certain foods just as much as our body does?

Yup, it’s true!

There are 3 particularly delicious goods that are loved not just by the body but by the hair too.

These foods are nutritionally rich and are often high in protein. They’re essentially hair foods.

Hair food #1

Eggs. Hair is on average, composted mostly of keratin protein. Eggs are therefore essential because they replace lost proteins and help rebuild damaged hair. To get the most out of eggs, not only should you include them in your diet but you should also apply eggs to your hair. To get the best results, apply eggs from root to tip to your hair, leave in for 20 minutes and rinse out with cold or warm water. Using hot water could potentially damage your hair and will cause dryness.

Hair food #2

chocolate natural hair

Coconut Milk. I love coconut milk. It’s delicious, smells yummy and has big benefits for your hair. Because coconut milk contains protein, it protects your hair from losing protein and helps prevent damage to your hair. To top it off, coconut milk contains iron which is also important for hair strength and growth.

Hair food #3

Chocolate. Hailing from the cacao plant, chocolate has several benefits for the hair. Firstly, it can   stimulate your scalp, conditions your hair and reduces hair loss. Chocolate with a high cocoa content (of at least 70%) is particularly good because it contains antioxidant and vitamin benefits for your hair. (Source: A Healing Grove: African Tree Remedies and Rituals For The Body & Spirit by Stephanie Rose Bird).

As you can see, foods serve an important role in hair care. Incorporating hair foods into your hair care routine doesn’t need to be complex or difficult, it can be straight forward and even fun. It’s always great to test things out, see what works for your hair and be a little bit experimental. As always, please make sure you check to see if you’re allergic to certain foods before applying them to your hair.

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How To Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Using This Secret Source

Frizzy hair can be a nightmare!

Most of us have experienced frizz at some point in our lives and it can be one of the most annoying hair qualms.

how to get rid of frizzy hair

If you’ve been battling with frizz, don’t fret.

Here’s one awesome thing you can do to stop your hair from frizzing up and driving you crazy.

Wanna know what that tip is?

It’s simple. Stop using a towel to dry your hair and instead us a t-shirt.

Yes, a t-shirt!

Why ditch a towel?

Firstly, the rough texture of towels not only dries your hair out but also causes friction when it rubs against your hair. This in turn leads to frizz.

Imagine, rubbing something rough-textured against something fragile and frail.

Now contrast that to using something a soft-textured t-shirt on your hair?

When you think about it, using a towel on your delicate tresses makes no sense if you want softer, frizz-free curls.

So, if you’re experiencing frizz, the first thing you should do is swap your hair towel for a soft, cotton t-shirt.

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7 Sizzling Christmas Hairstyle Ideas You’ll Love

Can you believe that Christmas is just over a week away?

Neither can I!

This year has just zoomed by.

In the middle of wrapping presents, mixing up products and buying gifts, I realised that I had no idea how I’d wear my hair for Christmas.

Whilst on the hunt for simple but totally gorgeous hairstyle ideas, I found some gems and I wanted to share them with you.

Formal hairstyle ideas natural hair

I personally love Thandie Newton’s side-swept fringe and Glee star Amber Riley’s tossled curls.

Formal hairstyle ideas natural hair

If you’re not sure how you’ll wear your curls this Christmas, take a peak at the hairstyles and leave a comment letting me know which one you like the most.

Wishing you a fabulous  week.

Victoria :)

How to look after braids during the winter

During the winter months many curly girls and naturalists chose to wear their hair in braided styles.

braids natural hair

Braids are excellent for several reasons. Firstly, they can provide your hair with great protection from the harshness that’s caused by the cold.

Secondly, they provide versatility by allowing you to create multiple hairstyles and looks without having to constantly manipulate your real hair and they also prevent you from putting heat on your natural hair. When used correctly, braids can be amazing!

The problem with braids however is that many women simply don’t know how to look after them and this can cause breakage, damage and even traction alopecia.

So how do you look after your hair when it’s in braids?

Here are some tips to help.

Keep them clean.
Your scalp can get particularly dirty when your hair is in braids and this can clog up your follicles and restrict hair growth.

To keep your scalp clean shampoo your hair every 2 weeks and use a sulphate and silicone free shampoo.

Another way to keep your scalp clean is to use a toothbrush. It sounds crazy but one of the best ways to get a clean scalp while your hair is in braids is to put some of your favourite shampoo on a toothbrush and use the brush to clean your scalp. This little trick does wonders and it really cleans out the parts of your scalp that you might otherwise miss. Of course make sure you rinse out the shampoo after washing your hair.

Keep it moisturised.
Keeping your hair moisturised prevents dryness and breakage and it will massively help to keep your hair in top-notch shape whilst it’s in braids. To keep it moisturised, do two things:

  • Firstly, use a hair spray or hair mist that’s enriched with oils like jojoba and olive oil. This will add moisture to your hair and scalp.
  • Secondly, apply oil directly to your scalp so that it doesn’t dry out.

Watch those edges.

Finally, make sure that you re-do the edges of your hair every 2 weeks so that you significantly reduce hair breakage whilst also ensuring that your hair looks great whilst it’s in braids. By edges, we mean the parts of your hair that are closest to your face. The edges just so happen to be the most delicate part of your hair and they’re prone to breakage and damage.

Are you rocking braids this winter? Leave a comment below telling us what type of look you’re sporting.

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Have a wonderful week!

Victoria x


Beautiful Braids: Autumn Hairstyle Ideas We Love!

With the autumn weather being extremely temperamental it’s incredibly important to keep your hair protected.

One of our favourite styles for protecting natural hair during the cold weather months is braids! Braids are amazing and we love them because you can create incredibly unique looks that are suitable for all types of occasions.

Take for instance, Hollywood actress (and star of hit TV show, True Blood) Rutina Wesley who rocked braided tresses on the red carpet.

And she looked nothing short of divine!

Take a look at some of our favourite celebrity braid hairstyles and test them out on your own hair.

In the comments section below tell us which look you love the most and why.

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celebrity hairstyle ideas braids

celebrity hairstyle ideas braids

From top left: Jill Scott, Teyonnah Paris, Goapelle, Rutina Wesley, Alicia Keys, Brandy, Keri Hilson.

3 Fun Ways To Use Our Curl Smoothie

curl smoothie my curlsThe Curl Smoothie is by far our biggest selling and most popular product and what never ceases to amaze me is the rather unique ways our customers use this product.

When I came up with the Curl Smoothie I was looking for a soft, creamy moisturising lotion that would help to soften my hair.

I, like many naturals, felt as if there were no hair lotions that really moisturised without making my curls feel greasy and icky. I was therefore determined to create a lotion that was super moisturising but that didn’t weigh my hair down. After much experimentation, I came up with a recipe that made a tremendous difference to my hair.

Here are 3 unique ways to use the Curl Smoothie, some of these might surprise you. Read on!

Way # 1

As a scalp lotion. Yes, the Smoothie was designed to be a hair lotion but a number of our customers use it as a scalp lotion as well. To do this, it’s best to start with freshly washed hair, part it into sections and apply the Smoothie directly to your scalp in small-medium sized sections. Apply it to your whole scalp and your hair as well. To finish off, massage your scalp as this will help to stimulate it.

#Way 2

As a split end preventer. Split ends are the bane of most curly girls existence. We all hate them!

Split ends are often caused by dryness and neglect. Sometimes you might neglect your hair without realising that you’re doing so. This is exactly why it’s important to remember that the ends of your hair are so important because once they begin to break, split or tear, there’s no way to repair them. To prevent splits from happening it’s a really good idea to apply the Curl Smoothie to the tips of your hair and finish off with a dose of olive oil. Keep the ends of your hair constantly moisturised and you’ll be far less likely to get splits.
curl smoothie my curls

#Way 3

As a body lotion. A customer recently emailed me to say that she’s been using the Curl Smoothie as a body and hair lotion! I was pleasantly surprised but then I realised that its moisturising properties make it an excellent lotion for your hair and skin. However, it’s always a good idea to test whether it would work for you by applying a small amount to your skin before using it as a regular moisturiser.

Have you used the Curl Smoothie before? Have you discovered a unique way to use it? Share it by leaving a comment below.

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Victoria xo

Back To School Hairstyle Ideas For Kids and Teens

Last year, I wrote an article called back to school hairstyle ideas. It ended up being THE most viewed article on our blog and a favourite amongst our newsletter subscribers.

When I discovered that our blog is being read in over 93 countries, I was in complete shock. So thank you to the thousands of you who’ve read, shared and supported this blog over the past year :)

Since summer is officially over and we’re now in autumn, it seemed only natural to talk about topics that are bugging curly girls like you. So, to start the autumn season off, today’s post is part 2 of back to school hairstyle ideas. If you have kids, nieces or cousins, this post is for you. I hope it’s a god-send to all of the mums out there who are bracing themselves to get everything ready for the start of a new school year.

The first back to school hairstyle ideas collage consists of ideas for little tots including babies and young children. The styles can of course be adapted to suit children of almost any age.

Back to school hair blog collage

The second set of hairstyles is perfect for you to see if you have children ages 10+ who are at that age where they’re self-conscious and are trying to find hairstyles that suit them.

back to school hairstyle ideas teens

Once again, it’s a great idea to take inspiration from the hairstyles and adapt them to suit your needs. For instance, I found that one of the kids hairstyle ideas (the one with the braid) was perfect for me so I’m rocking a braided style today.

What looks can you come up with? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Wishing you a wonderful day and complete back to school bliss!


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Get Hot Hair Now! How to make the most of your hair texture

Gorgeous natural hairWhether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or kinky, nothing is more important than hair texture when it comes to choosing your best hairstyle. Good, thick and shiny hair is every woman’s dream and whether your hair’s texture is fine, medium or thick; your hair is indeed your crowning glory and has a direct impact in making your personality stylish and trendy.

The healthier the life you lead, the better your hair will look. Your hair condition is directly dependent on proper nutrition. Eat good food and include a lot of vitamins to grow strong glowing hair. Eating quality foods and minimizing stress go a long way in ensuring that your hair is flawless. If you are not taking in the right amounts of nutrients from foods, then you can take multivitamins and supplements instead. Water is also important as it is transported from the roots of your hair to the tips.  The roots soak up the water inside your skin and hydrates the rest of your hair. The healthier your hair, the faster it will grow.

Washing your hair every day can rob your hair of the essential oils that are necessary to make hair stand out. Daily shampooing can lead to more troubles than it’s worth. Washing your hair less often will also help regain your hair’s natural body and luster. Conditioning is also important, use a natural conditioner once a week to have that bouncy and youthful hair mane. Condition the hair only on the ends so you are not weighing your hair down. Drying of your hair and scalp are not exactly a recipe for great hair days, not to mention that your color will fade faster.

Give natural products a try for your hair care needs. Natural hair products not only improve the health of your hair making it look beautiful, but they enhance your overall health as well. Avoid opting for synthetic based products because chemicals damage your hair in a disastrous way. Products with ingredients like coconut, olive and avocado have greater absorption rates adding shine and bounce to your hair.

To add to your hair’s shine, rub a bit of olive oil after drying it. The olive oil is like a moisturizer that smoothens your hair and gives it a great shine, just a few drops will do the trick so be sure not to overdo it. It has been known to preserve the moisture in the hair and scalp, keeping them from drying out. This creates a good look that is uniquely you. Oils can also be applied as deep conditioners because they penetrate the follicles. Avocado and coconut oils naturally do this.

Do not blindly copy the hair care systems of others; be wise in selecting hair products or you will be disappointed in the end. Gain a strong understanding of which techniques help your hair thrive and put down the straightening creams, flat irons, and blow dryers. Don’t fight the texture but instead embrace it!

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Six protective summer hairstyles

The summer heat and humidity are in our midst and these two will leave your hair dry and brittle, creating the perfect setting for breakage. However, in order to minimize your hair from some of the exposure, having a protective style is the way to go.

Whether it is that wedding you have to attend or a day at the beach, don’t let the sun and sea air stop you from enjoying summer! These six hairstyles will help you combat split ends and breakage and most certainly enjoy summer even more without having to spend the fall and winter repairing the damage.                                                                                                           

Ballerina Bun

 ballerina bun

Stay on trend with a timeless ballerina bun. It is easy to go with any occasion as you can tightly gather it for an official look or let it a bit loose to add volume and to make it a little more interesting. If you’re feeling creative, leave a section out of the bun, braid it and wrap it around the hair for a cute remix. A braided bun can be easily accessorized with a hairpiece or bobby pins for a more glamorous look.


The Tower Braid

 blake lively braided hair

The intertwining of the hair ensures that your hair is in place all day. For a sleek look, the braid should be tight at first, then looser at the center, then tight at the end, if you want a more bohemian effect, gently pull the braid apart with your fingers. It’s easy to give your braids a little extra something with ribbons, flowers, bows, and any other accessories you can think of.

For another easy twist on a simple style, incorporate a tiny plait into a larger side braid, the mini braid adds texture and detail to the look.

Classy Updo

jennifer lopez classic bun hair

This seemingly carefree hairstyle with a luxurious tinge will help you manage to keep your hair off your neck while also looking effortlessly chic. This easy udpo gives you a feminine and look with a bit of sophistication. The updo leaves your hair perfectly tucked in away from the summer heat and humidity.

Fishtail Braid

gabrielle union fishtail braid hairstyle

The fishtail braid looks complicated and time-consuming but that is far from the truth. It’s surprisingly easy to do as it only involves two strands of hair and can be worn tight or a little undone for a messier look. It is both are fab and functional and this particular braid is perfect for adding edgy asymmetry to your look.

The Pony Tail

 kerry washington ponytail hair

A pony tails is worn by celebrities and everyday girls heading to school since it is an easy-to-achieve look that anyone can perfect. For a sleek look that really stays in place secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Wrap sections of your hair around a large barrel curling iron for a charming style.

For Kerry Washington’s classy pony tail, tease hair at the crown before pulling it back and wrap a piece of hair around the base to hide the elastic.

The Intricate Braid

emma watson hair baid 

This trend is a chic way to keep your hair out of your face on hot summer days. This exotic combination of braided elements brings a lot more edge and style creating this richly textured hairdo. This look offers a great way to control long hair but when outdoors you can let a few ends slip out to prevent it from looking too restricted.

Fussy hair is the last thing you want to deal with this time of the year so go on, give your hair a new touch and enjoy the summer away!

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How To Look After Kids Mixed Race Hair

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to look after your child’s mixed hair, this article was written for you!

mixed race hair

The first thing to note is that mixed race hair is diverse- some mixed people have hair that is bone straight whilst others have hair that is tightly coiled or afro textured (think Lenny Kravitz).

It’s therefore important to know and understand your child’s hair so that you can determine the type of hair care regimen they need. There are lots of things to take into consideration when dealing with mixed race hair and sometimes the information can be a little bit overwhelming. To build the right knowledge and know-how, follow these simple steps.

Step 1.

Familiarise yourself. In other words, take the time to really feel, touch and understand your child’s hair so that you’ll know what it likes and what it doesn’t like. For instance, does it tangle easily? Does it get super knotty when shampooed? Does it shrink after being washed? Does it love being conditioned? The more you know about your child’s hair the better equipped you’ll be to look after it.

Step 2.

Avoid over-shampooing. If you’re a white mum with a mixed race/bi-racial child, you might be used to washing your own hair several times a week. That’s of course very normal because straighter hair textures need to be shampooed more frequently. However, most mixed race hair textures are different and can for the most part take on the characteristics of curly/afro hair. As a rule of thumb, the curlier your child’s hair is, the less often it needs to be shampooed.

The reason being that the body’s natural oils (called sebum) can’t pass down your child’s hair easily because their hair is curly. In comparison, with straight hair, it’s easy for the oils to come down the hair strands because they only have to flow downwards. However, because mixed race hair is often non-straight, the body’s oils can’t travel down. This means that your child’s hair is likely to get dry and can be prone to breakage if not managed properly. If you over shampoo your little one’s hair it will cause it to become incredibly dry which in turn leads to breakage. This leads me to my next point…

Step 3.

Moisturise. Moisturising simply refers to the products and techniques you use to stop your child’s hair from becoming dry. Thing of moisture as being the opposite of dryness. To moisturise mixed race hair it’s important to condition often (ideally one ever 2-3 days or so). Conditioning is vital for strengthening your child’s hair, preventing breakage and replacing moisture loss. If possible, always opt for a silicone free conditioner (most high street conditioners contain silicones that potentially damage the hair so it’s important to read the labels of bottles and know what’s in the products you’re using).

The second step to keeping your child’s hair moisturised is to apply a lotion or cream to their hair on a daily basis. Once again avoid lotions that contain harsh ingredients or damaging chemicals. Because we understand that it’s important to use the best hair products on your child’s hair, we don’t use harsh chemicals or silicones in any of our hair products. Furthermore, all of our products are paraben free!

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The Wrong Way To Deal With Breakage

“If you cut your hair, it will definitely stop breaking. I promise!” 

 “Trimming every two weeks really helps your hair to grow.”

“Cut your hair more often and the breakage will stop.”

 Hair breakage solutions

If I had a penny for every time some uttered any of the above sentences I’d be having dinner with Bill Gates right now. 

There are some really good ways to deal with hair breakage and chopping off your hair is certainly not one of them.

Alongside these misconceptions, there are a few others like:

  • There are miracle potions that can ‘seal’ split ends.
  • Not combing your hair for a month will reduce hair breakage.
  • Leaving eggs in your hair over night will stop breakage for good.

I’m sure you’ve heard of similar ideas but the fact remains that they don’t work at least not on a long term basis.

For instance, it’s not possible to seal split ends back together. Once the ends of your hair are damaged, that’s it. They can’t miraculously be repaired.  

It’s important to be aware of the misconceptions and myths about curly hair care so that you don’t make mistakes that could essentially ruin your hair.

Rather than following some of the advice mentioned above, try following these tips:

  1. Take about 5 minutes a day to sit down and using a professional salon scissors, check through sections of your hair and look for split ends or single strand knots. Whenever you see one, trim off just the damaged hair and nothing else.
  2. Ignore products that claim to seal or fix split ends. Those claims are misleading. Instead, look for products with ingredients that help to prevent split ends from happening in the first place! For instance, our Curl Smoothie contains coconut oil which is brilliant for split end prevention. By preventing split ends from occurring, you’ll see a huge reduction in hair breakage and splits.
  3. Eat protein. Your hair is made up of protein and it needs it to survive. Make sure that you keep an eye on how much protein you’re eating and if you’re eating under the recommended guideline, increase your protein consumption slightly. Over time your hair will thank you for it!

I could go on and on about this topic because there’s so much to talk about. Instead, I’ll save that for my next blog post.

Now it’s over to you.

  • What advice have you received about curing hair breakage?
  • What tips have worked for you?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experiences.



Hollywood Hair: Natural Haired Celebs Who Are Rocking Their Curls!

As a natural haired girl, I can’t get enough hair inspiration.

In fact, I’m always on the hunt for curly and afro hairstyle ideas that inspire me and I know that many of our readers and customers feel the same way.

As a celebrity obsessed girl, I’m always looking for inspiration from Hollywood starlets but for the first few years that I was natural, there  were very few celebs that rocked their natural curls.

However, I’m glad to say that things have changed radically over the past few years.

In fact, there’s an abundance of curly hair inspiration almost everywhere!

In today’s post I want to honour and celebrate the fact that us curly chicks have so many hair role models.

Natural haired celebrity inspiration

The starlets above are just some examples of rising and established natural haired stars and it seems as if more and more women in the media are embracing their hair.

Top row: Teyonnah Paris (Actress). Lina Hayas (Singer). Goapele (Singer)

Mid row: Goapele (again- because we love her cornrows). Jill Scott (Singer/Actress). Janelle Monae (Singer)

Bottom row: Solange Knowles (Singer). Corinne Bailey Rae (Singer).  Chrisette Michelle (Singer).

Who are your favourite natural haired celebrities? In the comments below tell me which celeb inspires you to love your curls.

See you in the comments!

Victoria :)


Words of Wisdom: Life and Beauty Quotes We Love!

Sometimes a girl needs a pick me up!

When things don’t quite go your way, you’re tired or stressed out and you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, there’s nothing better than a good ole’ quote!

I love quotes and find myself gravitating more and more towards them as the days go by.

So today I figured I’ll do something a little different and I’ll share some of my favourite words of wisdom with you.

Read the quotes below and in the comments below tell me which of them is your favourite.

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audrey hepburn quotes


beauty quotes

beauty quotes

words of wisdom
steve jobs quotes

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For Curly Hair

Off to a wedding?

With summer just around the corner, it’s one of the busiest times for weddings, special occasions and formal events.

If you have a major event like a wedding, prom or birthday dinner, you’ll love this post!

And if you’re racking your brain trying to think of the perfect hairstyle sit tight and don’t worry.

We’ve got you sorted.

One easiest ways to come up with a beautiful wedding hairstyle is to accessorise!

Yes, you heard me right.

Hair accessories- I’m talking flowers, clips, headbands are THE most loved piece for all hair textures because they make your hair look amazing.

It takes just a few moments to slick your hair back into a bun and throw a pretty flower clip on it.

Furthermore, if you’re having a bad hair day (or week), there’s nothing better than the relief of knowing that you can pin your hair back and give it a bit of a break.

The styles that you’ll see below are time-efficient, easy to do and work for all types of curly hair textures.

formal wedding hairstyles

formal wedding curly hairstyle ideas blog post

What did you think of these wedding hairstyle ideas?

How are you planning to wear your hair this summer?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Victoria xoxo

The Protective Styling Trap: What To Do When Protective Styling Takes Over Your Life

Protective styling has become a buzz word in the natural hair community. Some natural hair experts, trichologists and industry professionals claim it’s the saviour of black hair and for millions of natural haired women, it’s been a complete blessing.

protective styling trap

If you’re wondering what protective styling is, it simply refers to wearing your hair in protected styles that prevent breakage. For instance, when your hair is worn out it’s more exposed to the air, wind, sun and various types of bad weather. Furthermore, it also brushes against your shoulders which causes it to rub against your clothes. This creates friction which in turn leads to split ends, single strand knots and breakage. The idea behind protective styling is to simply wear your hair up so that it is prevented from becoming damaged and you’re therefore able to grow longer, healthier hair.

Whilst protective styling might sound amazing, it can actually be damaging for your hair. On top of that, if your hair lives in protective styles and you never wear it out, you’re actually prohibiting yourself from enjoying your hair. What’s the point in striving to grow longer hair if you’re never going to enjoy wearing your real hair out?

I’m going to be honest, I’ve battled with the whole protective styling thing. I’ve worn my hair in protective styles for several years now and my hair has grown significantly as a result. In fact, I rarely ever wear my hair out. When people do see my hair, they’re usually surprised at its length and want to know what the secret to growing it is. When I look at the progress my hair has made, protective styling has been a hero for me. However, I also feel as if I’ve paid a bit of a price by not getting the chance to really enjoy my hair’s growth. We all want to feel glamorous and chic (which is why we put so much effort into our hair) but sometimes protective styling prohibits us from feeling that way.

So what’s the solution? Do you wear your hair in protective styling so that it grows like weeds or do you simply enjoy and embrace your hair and not give two hoots about its length?

I think the solution is to do both. It’s to have 3-4 days of the week where you wear your hair in protective styles and prevent it from damage but also have at least one day of the week where you wear it out and enjoy it. Rock a twist-out, braid-out, bantu-knot-out or whatever chic and glamorous look you love! Have at least one day where you don’t limit yourself to just protecting your hair.

Remember that being natural is about loving and embracing your hair. It’s not about measuring it and abiding by crazy rules on how much hair you should grow within X amount of time. Enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

In the comments below please share your take on this topic? I know that this post might ignite passion in some naturals and that’s totally cool by me! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about protective styling.

With love,

Vicky xoxo

What Causes Dry Scalp? 5 Things You’ve Probaby Ignored

Have you ever experienced a dry, itchy scalp that drives you insane?
I know the feeling!
Having a dry scalp can be incredibly annoying and uncomfortable.

In this video, I highlight 5 of the main causes of scalp dryness. You’ll probably be surprised by what they are.

Now it’s over to you. In the comments below tell me one thing you do to prevent your scalp from getting dry!

Why Do I Have Split Ends? 4 Causes You’ve Probably Ignored

Split ends. 

causes of split ends on natural hair

The very phrase sends shivers up the spines of women with various hair textures.

Whether you’re straight, curly, kinky or a mix of all three, you’ve probably experienced split ends at some point.

Splits cause increased levels of breakage, they make combing your hair more difficult and they contrary to popular belief, they’re unfixable.

What are split ends?

Split ends refer to the splitting of the hair-shaft. If you take a look at several strands of hair, you’ll usually spot signs of fraying at the tips or ends of your hair. Those frays are probably splits.

What causes them?

A few things. In fact, many of the causes are things we don’t pay much attention to.

Most causes of split ends are caused by various forms of stress – either stress to yourself, stress to your hair or both!

Stress to your hair.

One minute your hair is up, then it’s down, then it needs shampooing, then you apply heat to it etc. Many of us follow crazy hair routines that simply result in us placing too much stress on your hair. If your hair is constantly being poked, pricked, combed and ‘untangled’ it’s likely to be experiencing damage through wear and tear. If you want to significantly reduce your chances of getting split ends, stop over-handling your hair and try to simplify your hair regime.

Heat obsession.

Another big cause of split ends is heat! Applying heat to your hair is potentially quite damaging. You should therefore apply heat with caution and be conscious of how often you use heat. For instance, if you’re using it daily or once a week- then it’s no surprise that your hair is suffering from split ends as a result.

Reducing your heat application to twice a month or once a month will make a difference. As a former heat addict, I totally understand that straightening your hair is tempting but it’s also unhealthy. Lay low on heat and your hair will thank you for it.


In a bid to prevent your hair from looking dry, many of us assume that applying any hair product will improve the condition of our hair. In actual fact, many hair products contain unhealthy ingredients that actually block moisture and prevent it from entering the hair shaft.

A common example is silicones and synthetic oils- both are very common ingredients that are found in most commercial or high street hair products.

These ingredients simply coat your hair and make it look shiny but in actual fact they do not allow moisture to enter your hair shaft. In turn, your hair ends up dry, tangled and filled with split ends. It’s therefore essential that you look out for the ingredients in the products you’re using and avoid using products that contain ‘cone’ at the end. For example, cetearyl methicone, amodimethicone and cetyl dimethicone.


You’re busy. Life seems to fly by and each day is swallowed up by the next. You’re tired and you feel as if you just don’t have the time to dedicate to looking after your hair or any other part of yourself. Your diet is far from healthy. You never exercise and your hair hasn’t been looked after in weeks. The idea of conditioning it seems like too much effort and you feel too drained to bother.

You’re not alone.

So many women (and men) experience this. It’s normal and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. However, you do have to remember that when you ignore things, are negligent and ignore them, they suffer and you suffer too.

That very principle applies to your hair. If you continue to ignore the damage, it’ll get worse. Making changes doesn’t need to be tiresome- start with taking 5 minutes a day to pamper yourself. I call this ‘me time.’ Use those 5 minutes to trim your ends, moisturise your hair or give yourself a scalp massage. Taking just a bit of time to look after yourself will make a big difference to not just your hair’s condition, but to how you feel.

Your next steps.

To make sure you put the tips in this article to good use, I want you to complete the following action steps.

1. Find alternatives to heat. Try twist-outs, braid-outs and up-do’s rather than straighteners and flat irons.

2. Moisturise your hair with products that contain healthy, moisturising ingredients. Our curl smoothie is a great option and it’s silicone free!

3. Take 5 minutes a day for some ‘me time’. Use this time to give your hair some treatment.

5 Spring Makeup Looks You’ll Love!

5 makeup looks spring

5 makeup looks for spring

Spring can be a great time to experiment with new hair and makeup ideas. And this season, pops of color are all the rage. Whether it’s lips, cheeks, eyes or hair, choosing just the right shade is important.

Brightly-colored hair highlights are super-chic. From pinks and purples to blues and greens, a streak of unexpected color can go a long way. If you are afraid of commitment or don’t want to dye your hair, try clip-in highlight streaks.

For your face, here are a few spring makeup suggestions that will have you looking fabulous in no time!

  1. Ombre Lips: We’ve all heard of Ombre hair. Why not take that trend and apply it to your lips? Ombre, which means graduated or shaded, is a great way to add texture to the lips. If you aren’t normally adventurous when it comes to makeup, try this look with a classic lip color, like red. To start, take a darker shade of red and use it on the sides of your lips. Then, use a lighter shade of red for the middle, blending the two colors together where they touch.
  2. Blue and Green Eyeliner: Bright eye liner, especially emerald green and peacock blue, is increasing in popularity. These colors can significantly brighten your entire face, making you look wide-awake and fresh. The trick to applying these bold colors is to create a thin line on the top and bottom lashes. Other makeup worn with this look should be fairly subtle, so as not to detract from the eyes.
  3. Shimmer Blush in Coordinating Shades: It’s a known fact that when done correctly, blush gives you a rosy, youthful appearance. Blush compacts containing coordinating shades are a must-have. Look for one that has both a blush and a highlighter. The darker shades can be used for accentuating and contouring, while the lighter shades are best for brightening.
  4. Full-Face Nude Makeup: Ever heard the old saying less is more? This can certainly prove true when it comes to nude, or natural-looking makeup. This trend is great for casual events where you want to look your best, but not too over-the-top. To create this look, use neutral eye shadows, like taupe or beige. Opt for brown mascara instead of black. Depending on your skin tone, a creamy, peach or light pink blush can add just enough color to your cheeks. A high-shine lip gloss in a pretty coral color finishes off this natural look!
  5. Highlighter- Pale colors such as off-white, custard and cream are great for highlighting purposes. Highlighters are supposed to brighten your face, making it look lighter in natural places, like along the cheek bones and around the eyes.   

This is a guest post by www.proextensions.com

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When Technology Fails: This Week’s Technical Glitches

Just a very quick post to let you know that we’re in the middle of some big changes! I’m so excited about them.

However, sometimes technology isn’t perfect and over the past few days it’s certainly proved to be difficult.

The plan was to have a website makeover. Sounds exciting, right? Well I was sooooo excited until I discovered that our url (website address) wasn’t pointing to the right website.

In fact, it’s actually pointing to our old website (if you’ve been a customer for a long time you’ll remember the pink butterfly, hot pink colours and error signs). Yes, it’s pointing to that old website!

Whilst I’m rather embarrassed by the whole situation, it does nonetheless remind me of how far My Curls has come over the past few years.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the brand-spanking new site which looks great if I must say so myself. Yes, I designed it! I’m really proud of it but slightly disappointed that most people won’t be able to see it until we sort out these technical problems :(

Our gorgeous new website

Our new website!

Not to worry, we’re working crazy hard to ensure that in the next few days, our site points to the right address so that when you type www.mycurls.co.uk into your browser you won’t be stepping back in time.

I’m praying all of the chaos calms down and everything gets sorted out.

Once the new site is ready and our email is back up, I’ll be jumping for joy and will be making some even more exciting announcements! Let’s pray there are no more glitches.

Fingers and toes crossed, Vicky xoxo

How To Grow Longer Hair (Part 2)

Since we’re dedicating the month of March to the topic of growing longer hair, I’ve just put up the second video.

In this video I delve into:

  • The big mistake curly girls make when trying to grow their hair.
  • Why focusing on growth is completely pointless! (Yes, I said it, it is!) Watch the video to find out what you should be focusing on instead.
  • I summarise the three internal factors that are important for hair growth. If you don’t know what they are then this video was made for you!
how to grow longer hair part 2

How to grow longer hair

In the comments below, tell me what lessons you learnt from watching this video.

How To Grow Longer Hair (Part 1)

Ways to grow longer hair

Have you ever looked at another woman’s hair and thought “damn, how comes she can grow long hair and I can’t?”

I’m ashamed to admit it but I have.

There was once a time when I used to look at long-haired girls and think:  “how come she can grow 5 inches of hair in two months and I can’t?”

Ooooh the green-eyed monster sat in the pit of my belly and made me growl!

I used to think there was a magic secret to growing longer hair and I would pick up every product marketed at black hair and expect it to work for me.

None of them did.

At that point in time I had no idea that growing longer hair wasn’t about finding a magic growth potion or having Rapunzel-like genetics. It was about so much more but I was oblivious to the truth. Looking back I realise how clueless I was. Thank God things have changed!

In this week’s video I wanted to touch upon some fundamental aspects of growing longer hair and guess what, they have nothing to do with what you put on your hair. It’s all about what goes on inside.

Watch my video to find out what I mean!

Thank You!!!!

The past few days have been a complete roller coaster ride!

Thank you!

I’ve cried, danced, skipped, jumped, screaaaamed and sobbed. It’s been insane! In fact, I don’t quite think I can articulate how amazingly insane things have been.

Let me take you back to a few days ago when I heard that Marie Forleo was giving away a scholarship for her flagship programme, RHH B-School. For three years I’d wanted to take part in the programme but it seemed like a distant dream.

To enter the contest, I had to face one of my biggest fears- being on camera. I am THE most camera shy person ever. In fact I’m one of the shyest people I know so being on camera is completely out of my comfort zone.

Despite my whole body being filled with nerves, I decided to face my fear and just do it. I poured my heart into my video and shared my story.

I realised now that my nerves stemmed not from looking the camera in the eye but from the feeling of vulnerability that comes with being on camera. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy. It takes bravery, courage and heart.

The biggest thing I learned from posting up my video was that your fears are never as scary as you think they are! Fear is irrational, silly and it doesn’t make sense.

Fear is also totally normal and natural. The virtue of it being normal means that it, like any other natural thing, comes and goes. We can’t help feel it but we can confront it and choose to not let it paralyse us.

I know now that when you face your fears they dissipate and that is a great thing!

Isn’t it amazing what you can learn in a few days?

I want to thank you for supporting me. I was completely and utterly flawed by the level of support and encouragement that I received. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

From the tweets to the Facebook posts and emails, the support was amazing and I am forever grateful.

I’m determined to make the most of this opportunity, to work harder than I’ve ever worked and to make My Curls an awesome business that transforms lives.

March is just around the corner and I have so much planned for the next few months. I’m super excited and am forever grateful.

With love,

Vicky xoxo

I Need Your Help!

It’s not often that I beg. In fact, I’m usually the last person to ask for anything and have the awful habit of trying to do everything myself.

However, over the years I’ve come to realise that sometimes a girl needs a helping hand and it’s perfectly okay, natural and normal to ask for help when needed.

In fact, by doing so you’ll come across dozens (maybe even hundreds) of people who’ll be there to help you out.

So why do I need your help? Well, I’m in the running for a business scholarship. It’s for an online business programme called RHH B-school.

The programme is meant to be one of the best online business programmes available and is lead by one of my big business inspirations and mentors, Marie Forleo. Words can’t describe how awesome Marie is! She’s gone from being a girl with a dream to building a million dollar business.

Aside from that, Marie’s weekly videos have inspired me to change my thoughts, beliefs and actions for years now. She’s an incredible woman and I can hand on heart say that it is one of the biggest  dreams of my life to take part in this scholarship.

watch my rhh b-school video entry

In order to win I seriously need your help. Firstly, I need you to please pretty please watch my video entry. In this video I share my story of how I went from being unemployed with no business experience to starting my own hair care brand. I also share my vision for My Curls and reveal the very things that inspired me to start my business.

I’ve always been afraid of being on camera, it’s just one of those things that makes me go ‘Aaaaaaghhhhh’ but in order to enter the scholarship I had to face one of my biggest fears.

Throughout the video, I had the phrase ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ running through my head. I was absolutely petrified! But despite my fears I decided to face the camera and just tell my story. Once I turned the attention away from me and onto the purpose of the video, the fears dissipated into thin air. Take that fear!

I can’t say it enough, I really, really want to win this scholarship and the possibility of winning means the absolute world to me!

Please help support me by doing these three things:
1. Watching my video. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/12Xd7F8
2. Leaving a comment under the video.
3. Sending a tweet to @Marieforleo and telling her why you think I deserve to win the scholarship.
E.g.  You could send something like this -> “I hope @MyCurlsUK wins the @Marieforleo scholarship because she’s a great entrepreneur #winBSCHOOL rhhbschool.com.”

Your reason should be honest and should reflect what you think is great about My Curls.

I’ve already received lots of tweets, Facebook messages and words of support from some of the most amazing people ever!

I’ve been utterly flawed at the level of support I’ve received and can’t thank you enough for everything. It means the world to me!

If I win, I’ll be jumping for joy and you’ll watch me turn everything I learn into mega success. I promise!!!

I’m also really considering doing Youtube videos more often. In the comments below tell me what you’d like to see me post about on youtube.

Hair tutorials? Q&A’s (questions and answers) or something else? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of curly love!

Vicky xoxo

Scalp Deep: Why Relaxers For Children Cause Long-Term Harm

The other day I was sitting down thinking about how innocent childhood is. It’s that period of life where everything is so optimistic and fully of hope.

curly haired kids

In a quick instance my mind wandered to thoughts of childhood insecurities.

How is it that children- who are meant to be carefree, innocent and the most precious beings, can feel as if they’re unworthy?

How is it that children as young as 5 realise that physical differences make them different or unusual?

My first thought was that children are just as smart as adults and therefore notice differences in the same way that grown ups do. That’s true, right? But then I thought about the impact that adult views, decisions and expressions can have on children.

Children are like sponges and every word uttered to them is absorbed like water.

Words sink in and are engraved in the minds of kids for life.

When it comes to hair, children with naturally curly-kinky, frizzy, wavy or afro hair are often made to relax their hair by their parents. Such children have no choice- yes they can kick up a fuss but at the end of the day mums word is final.

When you relax a child’s hair, you’re essentially telling them that their real hair isn’t good enough. It’s sub-par, bad and needs to be changed. Is that the message we want to send to kids?

Think about it.

The topic of relaxers goes way beyond simply applying a chemical to one’s hair. It’s deep. Very deep. Scalp deep.

Best Products For Curly Hair | Curly Hair Products 101

Raise your hand if you have curly hair. Me too!

curly hair products

Whilst we all love our curls, picking products that work for them isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

What a lot of curly girls (also known as naturals) fail to realise is that choosing hair products is a very personal thing.

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when picking curly hair products for your hair.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key factors:

Your hair texture- is the product you’re considering, designed to meet the needs of curls?

Are your textures mixed? What I mean by this is- do you (like most curly girls) have more than one hair texture. I know I have. For instance, the front of my hair is sort of wavy-meets-afro whilst the middle is super afro textured. The back is loosely wavy. My hair has three very different textures and I always take that into consideration when making products for my curly-haired customers.

Another factor to consider is what’s in your hair products. This is a big one. So many products are filled with harsh chemicals that strip curly hair of moisture and make it dry, brittle and prone to split ends. Make sure you do your research and pick products with healthy, natural ingredients.

The final factor to consider is how much time you have. We’re all living increasingly busy lives so finding time to mix up your own concoctions can be really time and energy consuming. Many busy women simply want to use products that are easy to use and can be carried any where. That’s why when creating the My Curls range, I deliberately ensured that the products in the line were easy to use, portable and lifestyle friendly.

As a busy bee, you’re probably wanting to learn more about your hair in short bursts of time. I highly recommend signing up to our curly community which is totally free and takes about 2 minutes to do. We send free educational resources straight to your inbox so you don’t have to read through hundreds of articles. Click here to join the list!

Light Girls, When Documentaries Get It Wrong

Originally posted on Our Legaci:

darkorlight Scene from Spike Lee’s School Daze

“If you love yourself, don’t watch Light Girls.”

This is what I told a dear friend of mine after watching the documentary. The film was a sequel to Dark Girls, a documentary about colorism in the African American community. Light Girls was supposed to show the other side of the coin and share the views of women that society labels as “light skinned.” Instead, it turned into a living rendition of  light skin vs. dark skin battles paralleling the epic scenes from, School Daze. Why the disdain? There isn’t enough time to cover everything but here are my top sources of contention with Light Girls.

1. The Denial of Light Skin Privilege

Light Girls perpetuated the stereotype that dark skinned girls are jealous, angry and violent. Rarely was there any nuanced or guided discourse behind light skin privilege. In fact, the topic…

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