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4 Hairstyles That Will Make You Ditch Your Bonet

There’s a lot of controversy about whether hair bonets are a YAY or NAY for curly girls.

Although they’re great for protecting curls, many men and women feel as if they’re not exactly the cutest of choices when it comes to helping you look great at night time.

So, what’s a girl to do when she wants to look cute for bed but always wants to make sure her tresses are protected?

It’s simple.

She simply needs to check out these gorgeous hairstyle options that will make sure you can protect your curls whilst still looking smoking hot in the bedroom.

What I love about these styles are that they enable you to look great at night and then wake up with perfect hair.

If you like these styles, please share them with a friend. It could just help her to feel and look amazing during the day and at night.

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How to Create a Night-time Hair Routine for Your Curly Hair

curly hair routine night time
Having a curly hair is normally likely to become dry. Hence, the most significant thing is to always keep your hair moisturized. These days, there are a variety of kinds of curly hair products available on the market in order to make your hair look wonderful even during nighttime or before you sleep. Natural creams that are oil-based and lotions are excellent for ringlets and tresses, which offer the care this demanding kind requires to be shiny and smooth.


The primary thing you need to do is to learn what curl types you have. Soft, big waves require different type of treatment contrary to unmanageable, frizzy, kinky curls. Wavy locks have a tendency to be soft and thin, sensitive and fine, hence women need several types of products in order to keep their hair beautiful and beautiful. With utmost care, women will have s-shaped, soft and beautiful waves.
For women who have extremely frizzed, dry ringlets, you possibly require extremely mild shampoo and conditioner.

You need to ensure that you make use of it carefully and only in small amounts.  You need to generously apply the conditioner, comb it gently and leave it for 10 minutes prior to rinsing and before going to bed.
Having a good haircut is one of the important things in having a curly hair. For actually natural, shiny, beautiful styling, you need to invest in alcohol-free, natural moisturizing products. A big, round brush is certainly a must-have in order to get smooth results. Lotions, gels, creams, and mousses are excellent curly hair products as well provided that they are from protective, nutritive and natural ingredients.

Overall, in order to have a silky smooth curly hair prior to going to sleep, you need to ensure that your curly hair products are made from natural ingredients that will not damage your hair!