Back To School Hairstyles For Mixed Race and Afro Haired Children

With Easter now officially over (didn’t it just fly by?), children from across the globe are heading back to school.

Unfortunately, as the parent of a child with curly, mixed race or afro textured hair you’re probably struggling to find the time to juggle a million things whilst also trying to figure out how to style and manage your child’s hair. For many mums and dads it can be a bit tricky.

I often hear mums complain that it’s hard to think of suitable hairstyles that work for their child’s hair pattern or texture. However, there are actually tons and tons of incredible hairstyles that you can do on your little one’s hair. Furthermore, they’re not time-consuming. All you need is a comb, spray bottle (filled with water and lots of natural oils like olive oil and jojoba oil) and a wide toothed comb (to get rid of any knots or tangles). You’ll probably also need a bristle brush to help with keeping your child’s edges neat and tidy.

Here are some fabulous back to school hairstyles that don’t take long to do or require hours to create. Enjoy!


Pigtails: simply create a large part at the centre of your daughter’s hair and then use hairbands to secure each side of her hair. Accessories with bows, clips or a headband. Super cute and easy to do!

back to school hairstyles for mixed race and afro hair


Updo with a front plait or cornrow.

Again, this is a really simple but absolutely adorable hairstyle. If you struggle with creating cornrows, simply plait or twist the front of your daughter’s hair instead.

back to school hairstyles for mixed race and afro hair



Twist out.

This is one of my personal favourite natural hairstyles. Simply twist your daughter’s hair, leave the twists in for at least 24 hours and then unravel the twists the following day. Her hair will be perfectly defined. You can also accessorise with a flower headband or bow.

back to school hairstyles for mixed race and afro hair


The puff.

How cute is this? To create a gorgeous puff, comb the ends of your daughter’s hair so that there are no knots or tangles.

back to school hairstyles for mixed race and afro hair

Source: BoxerMore Photography


I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you’re looking for natural, wholesome products for your child’s hair check out our natural hair products for kids and grown ups.


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