Hair Food: 3 Delicious Foods Your Hair Will Love

Did you know that our hair loves certain foods just as much as our body does?

Yup, it’s true!

There are 3 particularly delicious goods that are loved not just by the body but by the hair too.

These foods are nutritionally rich and are often high in protein. They’re essentially hair foods.

Hair food #1

Eggs. Hair is on average, composted mostly of keratin protein. Eggs are therefore essential because they replace lost proteins and help rebuild damaged hair. To get the most out of eggs, not only should you include them in your diet but you should also apply eggs to your hair. To get the best results, apply eggs from root to tip to your hair, leave in for 20 minutes and rinse out with cold or warm water. Using hot water could potentially damage your hair and will cause dryness.

Hair food #2

chocolate natural hair

Coconut Milk. I love coconut milk. It’s delicious, smells yummy and has big benefits for your hair. Because coconut milk contains protein, it protects your hair from losing protein and helps prevent damage to your hair. To top it off, coconut milk contains iron which is also important for hair strength and growth.

Hair food #3

Chocolate. Hailing from the cacao plant, chocolate has several benefits for the hair. Firstly, it can   stimulate your scalp, conditions your hair and reduces hair loss. Chocolate with a high cocoa content (of at least 70%) is particularly good because it contains antioxidant and vitamin benefits for your hair. (Source: A Healing Grove: African Tree Remedies and Rituals For The Body & Spirit by Stephanie Rose Bird).

As you can see, foods serve an important role in hair care. Incorporating hair foods into your hair care routine doesn’t need to be complex or difficult, it can be straight forward and even fun. It’s always great to test things out, see what works for your hair and be a little bit experimental. As always, please make sure you check to see if you’re allergic to certain foods before applying them to your hair.

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