Hair Problems: 4 Everyday Things That Can Wreck Your Hair

hair damage

Hair – a social standing, these days it means so much to people irrespective of their age, ethnicity or gender. Broadly speaking, your hair is a representation of your identity and a reflection of who you are. It’s unfortunate therefore that when you start to unknowingly wreck your hair, your identity also begins to change. And as such hair loss poses to be a serious and depressive problem to all of us. Maintaining locks of thick, shiny and healthy tresses these days, has turned out to be a true challenge and a difficult errand.

Irrespective of your age and sex, hair damage continues to be a persistent problem. And going back to take a look at the causes, they are numerous. As per the medical research, typically, a person sheds 60-120 hairs/ day that are subsequently replaced by the same amount, of the same texture, size and thickness in due course of time thus maintaining the density of hair growth. Medically termed as “alopecia,” listed below are some of the common causes of hair loss:

The food  you eat – Hair problems can be related to lack of proteins, vitamins, and other essential macronutrients. To significantly reduce your chances of experiencing hair loss (of any kind), make sure that you include protein-rich food in your diet . This will not only help with maintain your body’s health but your hair’s as well.

Frequent chemical treatments and regular usage of blow dryers and hair straighteners are  known to damage the hair follicles. You may not realize the effects of these ìartificial therapiesî immediately, but over time youíll start losing hair gradually. So best is, avoid using these appliances, harsh dyes and chemicals, and keep them up the shelves only for those special dates.

Stress – Life without stress and strain is quite unfeasible. And perhaps this is the main culprit leading to such rapid hair problems. Yes! Listed as one of the major factors, stress and tensions play a major role in hair thinning.

Daily use of harsh shampoos and exposure to pollution – Fungal infections in your scalp may as well be listed as another primary causes behind your 0-size hair. Although it is something that is more commonly found in children yet, these days, people are more prone to fungal infections on their scalps courtesy, pollution, harsh shampoos and most importantly the chemical therapies.

To have the healthiest, shiniest and longest hair possible, make sure you eat a high protein and nutrient filled diet, reduce the amount of stress that you’re experiencing, opt for gentle shampoos and avoid both frequent chemical hair treatments and the use of excessive heat.

This is a guest post by hair extensions expert, Suzi Dunn. Suzi is the founder and CEO of Totally Essex Hair Extensions.

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