How To Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Using This Secret Source

Frizzy hair can be a nightmare!

Most of us have experienced frizz at some point in our lives and it can be one of the most annoying hair qualms.

how to get rid of frizzy hair

If you’ve been battling with frizz, don’t fret.

Here’s one awesome thing you can do to stop your hair from frizzing up and driving you crazy.

Wanna know what that tip is?

It’s simple. Stop using a towel to dry your hair and instead us a t-shirt.

Yes, a t-shirt!

Why ditch a towel?

Firstly, the rough texture of towels not only dries your hair out but also causes friction when it rubs against your hair. This in turn leads to frizz.

Imagine, rubbing something rough-textured against something fragile and frail.

Now contrast that to using something a soft-textured t-shirt on your hair?

When you think about it, using a towel on your delicate tresses makes no sense if you want softer, frizz-free curls.

So, if you’re experiencing frizz, the first thing you should do is swap your hair towel for a soft, cotton t-shirt.

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