The Wrong Way To Deal With Breakage

“If you cut your hair, it will definitely stop breaking. I promise!” 

 “Trimming every two weeks really helps your hair to grow.”

“Cut your hair more often and the breakage will stop.”

 Hair breakage solutions

If I had a penny for every time some uttered any of the above sentences I’d be having dinner with Bill Gates right now. 

There are some really good ways to deal with hair breakage and chopping off your hair is certainly not one of them.

Alongside these misconceptions, there are a few others like:

  • There are miracle potions that can ‘seal’ split ends.
  • Not combing your hair for a month will reduce hair breakage.
  • Leaving eggs in your hair over night will stop breakage for good.

I’m sure you’ve heard of similar ideas but the fact remains that they don’t work at least not on a long term basis.

For instance, it’s not possible to seal split ends back together. Once the ends of your hair are damaged, that’s it. They can’t miraculously be repaired.  

It’s important to be aware of the misconceptions and myths about curly hair care so that you don’t make mistakes that could essentially ruin your hair.

Rather than following some of the advice mentioned above, try following these tips:

  1. Take about 5 minutes a day to sit down and using a professional salon scissors, check through sections of your hair and look for split ends or single strand knots. Whenever you see one, trim off just the damaged hair and nothing else.
  2. Ignore products that claim to seal or fix split ends. Those claims are misleading. Instead, look for products with ingredients that help to prevent split ends from happening in the first place! For instance, our Curl Smoothie contains coconut oil which is brilliant for split end prevention. By preventing split ends from occurring, you’ll see a huge reduction in hair breakage and splits.
  3. Eat protein. Your hair is made up of protein and it needs it to survive. Make sure that you keep an eye on how much protein you’re eating and if you’re eating under the recommended guideline, increase your protein consumption slightly. Over time your hair will thank you for it!

I could go on and on about this topic because there’s so much to talk about. Instead, I’ll save that for my next blog post.

Now it’s over to you.

  • What advice have you received about curing hair breakage?
  • What tips have worked for you?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experiences.




  1. Victoria

    Don’t worry Mathy, a lot of people follow the wrong advice when it comes to trimming. Let me know how cutting the knots goes and thanks for stopping by 🙂


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