5 Spring Makeup Looks You’ll Love!

5 makeup looks spring

5 makeup looks for spring

Spring can be a great time to experiment with new hair and makeup ideas. And this season, pops of color are all the rage. Whether it’s lips, cheeks, eyes or hair, choosing just the right shade is important.

Brightly-colored hair highlights are super-chic. From pinks and purples to blues and greens, a streak of unexpected color can go a long way. If you are afraid of commitment or don’t want to dye your hair, try clip-in highlight streaks.

For your face, here are a few spring makeup suggestions that will have you looking fabulous in no time!

  1. Ombre Lips: We’ve all heard of Ombre hair. Why not take that trend and apply it to your lips? Ombre, which means graduated or shaded, is a great way to add texture to the lips. If you aren’t normally adventurous when it comes to makeup, try this look with a classic lip color, like red. To start, take a darker shade of red and use it on the sides of your lips. Then, use a lighter shade of red for the middle, blending the two colors together where they touch.
  2. Blue and Green Eyeliner: Bright eye liner, especially emerald green and peacock blue, is increasing in popularity. These colors can significantly brighten your entire face, making you look wide-awake and fresh. The trick to applying these bold colors is to create a thin line on the top and bottom lashes. Other makeup worn with this look should be fairly subtle, so as not to detract from the eyes.
  3. Shimmer Blush in Coordinating Shades: It’s a known fact that when done correctly, blush gives you a rosy, youthful appearance. Blush compacts containing coordinating shades are a must-have. Look for one that has both a blush and a highlighter. The darker shades can be used for accentuating and contouring, while the lighter shades are best for brightening.
  4. FullFace Nude Makeup: Ever heard the old saying less is more? This can certainly prove true when it comes to nude, or natural-looking makeup. This trend is great for casual events where you want to look your best, but not too over-the-top. To create this look, use neutral eye shadows, like taupe or beige. Opt for brown mascara instead of black. Depending on your skin tone, a creamy, peach or light pink blush can add just enough color to your cheeks. A high-shine lip gloss in a pretty coral color finishes off this natural look!
  5. Highlighter- Pale colors such as off-white, custard and cream are great for highlighting purposes. Highlighters are supposed to brighten your face, making it look lighter in natural places, like along the cheek bones and around the eyes.   

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