The Truth About Growing Longer Hair

Women, especially women with curly and afro textured hair often have the mentality that textured (non-straight) hair doesn’t grow.
long afro hair

There’s this huge misconception that curly hair is impossible to grow.

In fact, I’ve heard people constantly say that Afro hair can’t grow long. Every time I hear people make such comments I’m astounded because I’ve seen hundreds of women of colour who have long, luscious hair.

The thing is that misconceptions aren’t real- they’re not the truth.But despite this fact, people hear misconceptions and wholeheartedly believe them. When it comes to matters such as hair growth, hair texture, skin tone and other aspects of identity, there are a lot of misconceptions that people  never question. Whenever you hear those misconceptions (or untruths) as I call them, I want you to just ignore them and instead focus on what you know to be true. The truth is that long hair isn’t exclusive to a specific race or ethnic group. Long hair stems from good health and proper maintenance.

To grow longer hair it is absolute imperative that you eat healthy. No, your diet doesn’t need to be perfect but it does need to contain fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy oils. You should also drink lots of water!

Aside from that, exercise is absolutely crucial! Take 5 minutes out of your schedule to do some star jumps, walk on the spot, jog around your living room. As Malcolm Gladwell says, small things make a big difference! Try adding a few minutes of exercise to your daily regime and you’ll find that your heart will be stronger, blood will circulate throughout your body and your hair will have no reason to not grow!

Finally, please look after those ends! Keep the ends of your hair moisturised by applying a lotion to your hair every day. On top of that, apply oil to the ends of your hair. Natural oils are always best- there is no substitute for nourishing oils like jojoba, olive or grapeseed oil. Forget using products that contain unhealthy ingredients, products with healthy ones are always better because they actually moisturise your hair properly.

Small steps make a big difference. In the comments below tell me what small step you’ll take to grow longer, healthier hair?
Be as specific as possible.

See you in the comments!
Victoria 🙂


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