We Like Big Buns & We Cannot Lie!

When it comes to keeping your curls protected, there’s nothing that beats a great bun! Buns are fantastic protective styles because they keep the hair protected from damage caused by constant combing, washing, blowdrying and heat styling.

We’ve compiled a collage of some of the hottest bun looks that you can experiment with. Personally, I wear my hair in a bun about 80% of the time and have noticed a massive increase in growth as a result. Buning is amazing for hair growth so don’t be afraid to give it a go!

Another reason for wearing your hair in a bun is that buns are classic hairstyles! They don’t go out of date and aren’t ‘in’ fashion one minute and out the next.

What more could a girl’s curls ask for?

In the comments below, tell us which style you like the most!

Check out some great bun hairstyles below:Gorgeous Bun hairstyles for curly and afro hair



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