How To Choose The Best Hair Products For Your Curly Hair

For many curlies, picking the right hair products can be not only time-consuming but tiresome.

It’s great that there’s a lot of choice out there and more curly hair lines springing up but the truth is that not every product will work for every person.

All of us have different hair textures. Even two girls with hair that looks identical can have very different experiences with the products they use.

For example, one girl might love a certain conditioner whilst another might think its ‘just okay.’

So how does a curly girl (or guy) go about picking the best products for their hair?

Here are a few things to bare in mind when seeking the best products for your curls:

  1. Checkout the website of the product line that you’re thinking of trying. Does the brand have values that reflect your own?
  2. For example, at MyCurls we don’t believe in animal testing so a customer might try our products if they support cruelty free brands.
  3. Read reviews. A good brand will have a ‘reviews’ section on their website. Are the reviews for the company real, realistic and honest?
  4. For example, are there real pictures of customers who’ve tried the products?

    What do customers have to say about the products and the customer service that the brand provides? Check these things out.

  5. Pay attention to customer service. Does the company have a reputation for not posting products, ignoring customers or delivering bad products?
  6. Do your research and make sure you check to see if the company has a good or bad reputation.
  7. Are the products suitable for your hair type? A lot of companies use synthetic ingredients. Does your hair like silicones or does it despise them?
  8. Make sure that the products and ingredients inside of them, suit your hair type and texture.


Remember that finding the products that work for your hair can take time. Be patient. 

Sometimes we have to try things to see if they work for us and then test to see what works and what doesn’t.

With hair care, it’s important to test and try different products out.

Also remember that your hair may change during different stages of your life. One month it might love a certain product and the next, not so much.

Pay attention to what your hair likes & loves and also monitor how your hair changes & reacts to different products.


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