Have You Seen Our Etsy Store?

This week has certainly been busy!

Firstly, we had an amazing photoshoot on Monday. Having a photoshoot was on my to-do list but I never seemed to find the time to do it.

I finally decided to take action, get prepped and organise what turned out to be a fabulous shoot.

A humungous THANK YOU to everyone involved including my little sister (yes sisters can be nice, sometimes), our photographer, Tolly (Jewellery Designer and creator of Taro Collection), and the amazing Rachy, Jessica, Leah and Emma who took some gorgeous pictures.

Check out this picture of model Sarah, strutting her stuff in front of the cameras. She’s sooo the next Naomi Campbell!

We’ll be uploading the photos from the shoot onto our website and Etsy store in due course.

To celebrate the many exciting things that have happened this week, we’re giving everyone 10% off when ordering from our Etsy store.

Simply click here to see our store and enter the code ILOVEMYCURLS at checkout.

my curls photoshoot

Products so delicious you might be tempted to eat them….DON’T!

Have a brilliant day!

Victoria xoxo


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