To Trim Or Not To Trim? That Is The Question!

When it comes to natural hair, many curly girls and guys are often unsure of how to trim natural hair.

The topic of trim is particularly highly debated amongst people with naturally curly & afro textured hair.


Do you trim regularly or let your hair just grow and do it’s own thing?

There are several schools of thought on this issue.

Some people argue that trimming is essential. Why?

how to trim your own hair

Trimming natural curly hair

The pros (advantages) of trimming:

  • It gets rid of bad ends and damaged hair
  • Fewer damaged ends mean softer, healthier hair
  • Trimming makes your hair look a lot better!
  • Trimming gets rid of split ends and single strand knots
  • Trimming can also help to reduce breakage in the long term- in other words it can actually help you to grow longer hair (amazing, right!)

However, there are downsides to trimming.

The cons (disadvantages):

Trimming often involves getting rid of good and bad hair because it’s almost impossible to trim without cutting off healthier hair alongside not-so healthy hair

  • It’s time consuming, not everyone has the time to trim regularly.
  • It can be expensive if you’re getting your hair trimmed at the salon or by a hair professional
  • Trimming reduces the length of your hair temporarily which sucks if you’re trying to grow longer hair.

The solution:

Whilst the cons (disadvantages) of trimming might seem off putting, there is a solution!

To get the best results from trimming, focus on trimming just the unhealthy ends. This requires patience and time but pays off in the long run.

In my recent newsletter article, I suggested having a ‘me day.’ To find out what a ‘me day ‘is click here. Use your ‘me day’ as an opportunity to pamper yourself by trimming your hair, conditioning, cleansing and nurturing it.

A ‘me day’ solves several of the problems mentioned above, it saves you time because your hair treatment time is blocked into one day, it saves you money because all you need is a professional hair scissors (costs under $10) and the method

of just trimming the unhealthy ends saves you hair! Ultimately, that means you get longer, healthier hair without spending hours in a salon.


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