Three Foods for Healthier Hair


Berries for Natural Hair

Nutrients for Natural Hair

If you are fighting frizzy or broken hair, there are some foods you should be mindful of.


Is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acid which can help to tame frizzy hair and reduce porosity.

Salmon allows your hair to grow naturally and shine which will also prevent split ends and breakage while providing protein needed to get strong hair.

Leafy vegetables and fruits provide another source of help with hair.

For example, dark green leafy vegetables allow for your hormone levels to stay balanced. In doing so you keep your hair naturally moisturized.

Miniaturization is the key to keeping frizzy hair away and treating long-term breakage of hair.

Dairy products provide a good sources of whey and casein that will promote hair growth and add to the strength of hair making curls more manageable and lower the levels of breakage in hair. These are high sources of protein and since our hair is made of protein, it is being fortified by the extra protein in our diets. This makes hair stronger and breaks less.

By incorporating healthy foods in to our diets, we can vastly change the way our hair looks and feels.


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