Porous Hair? What’s That!



 Hair porosity

Have you ever felt like no matter how many times you washed,conditioned, shampooed, moisturized, trimmed and oiled deep treated your hair it still remained dry and lifeless?

Then you’ve probably experienced porous hair!

Hair porosity is caused by damage to the hair’s cuticle which causes hair to split and eventually break.

There are several reasons for hair porosity but the 3 most common are:

Excessive amounts of heat.

This is a common culprit. Heat over around 150 degrees Celsius can damage the hair permanently! If you’re going to apply heat do so minimally and keep your hair straightener on a low heat setting.

Bad and/or excessive chemical processing.

Chemical processing can literally ruin your hair so it’s always advisable to be careful.

These days many products claim to straighten your hair ‘naturally’ but in most cases, those products mislead customers.

When using any chemical straightening or coloring product, always be cautious and do your research.


Dryness can happen for several reasons including the two points mentioned above.

If you’re ever wondering why your hair is dry, think why does a plant leaf dry out and die? Because it lacks water.

Despite that many of us have been taught by our mothers, aunts, cousins etc to avoid wetting afro or curly hair too often, water actually helps our hair by providing it with moisture.

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